Clearing without a guarantee fund?

By Peter Fredriksson, Baymarkets The need to provide a guarantee fund has long been a deal-breaker for frontier and emerging financial markets, given the sizeable investment required to create one. New approaches however, are allowing...
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Avoiding collateral damage: an intelligent approach to pre-trade risk

By Gerry Turner – Global Head of Platform as a Service at Vela For many financial trading firms, having a robust pre-trade risk system is likely to feel like one of those unpleasant but unavoidable...
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Bernstein uses Commcise commission management platform to support global CSA/RPA offering

Bernstein uses Commcise commission management platform to support global CSA/RPA offering Cloud-based solution supports complex unbundling rules and changing regulatory compliance requirements London, 22 May 2018: Commcise, the provider of award-winning Integrated Commission Management Solutions for...
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Building a data management blueprint

By Shiran Weitzman, CEO, Shield Financial Compliance Compliance teams who are able to bring the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) together with the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) will provide a...
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Boom in tick data - big xyt

Boom in tick-data-as-a-service

By Robin Mess, CEO, big xyt The rise of quantitative analysis is mirrored by a rise in demand for its fuel – data. With one feeding the other, investment firms and banks are increasingly reliant...
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It’s time for cybersecurity teams to play the collaboration game

Written by Andy Mather, Financial Service and Emerging Technology at Telstra Global If you’re a tad sceptical about the value of collaborative approaches to producing security-related technologies, you need look no further for confirmational evidence...
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big xyt delivers enhanced transparency on SI volumes under MiFID II

Big xyt delivers enhanced transparency on SI volumes under MiFID II Liquidity Cockpit dashboard now identifies addressable SI liquidity for MiFID II Best Execution London, Frankfurt, 27 March 2018. big xyt, the independent provider of high-volume, smart data and analytics capabilities, is...
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Effective Data Management in a Fragmented Market

By Breige Tinnelly, AQMetrics Our recent conversations with compliance and risk managers at investment management firms have highlighted a common pain point, which is how to put in place the right kind of technology platform...
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Risk Reporting challenges Algo Trading Firms

By Geraldine Gibson, CEO, AQMetrics Sweeping new rules and technological advances have given regulators unprecedented insights into the markets they’re charged with overseeing. A constant stream of high-quality information from exchanges around the world is...
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Trading ingenuity: Low latency and beyond

By Ian Grieves – Director Product Management, Vela Clever beats fast in the trading race The quest for low latency – speed – has been the name of the game in trading over the last...
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