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Deploying HPC within Financial Services: Which path should your firm follow?

Written by Stef Weegels – Director of Sales, Verne Global Against a backdrop of accelerated industry change, forward-thinking banks and fintech firms are increasingly turning to high performance computing (HPC) to secure a competitive edge...
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Event report: AI and Deep Learning in Risk and Investment Management

In November 2017, Verne Global, together with the Professional Risk Managers International Association and The Realization Group, hosted a fascinating event covering Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Risk and Investment Management, attended by over...
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AI and Deep Learning in finance

Financial Services – Using Deep Learning models in Real Time

Event report by Stef Weegels: Verne Global and Realization Group held a roundtable at the Trading Show in New York  on the 3 October 2017, discussing “Using Deep Learning Models in Real Time”. Putting artificial intelligence (AI)...
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AI and Deep Learning in finance

Round table – Technology and Business Strategy Innovation in Finance with AI and Deep Learning

Hosted by The Realization Group, PRMIA and Verne Global this after-work briefing in Frankfurt on 14 November 2017. We will discuss some of the issues raised in our latest Financial Markets Insights document entitled ‘Technology...
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Stockholm - Fix Nordic Trading briefing

Tackling the hot topics: FIX Nordic Trading Briefing 2017

By Peter Fredriksson – CEO of Baymarkets Technology, Sweden Last month saw the return of the FIX Trading Community’s Nordic Trading Briefing to Sweden, the largest FIX event in the Nordics and now firmly established...
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Iceland strategic data center

Financial Services – Accelerating Deep Learning through cost-effective infrastructure

By Stef Weegels – Verne Global’s Director of Sales and heads up the company’s work within Financial Services and Capital Markets. Exploiting deep learning opportunities in finance could turn out to be very costly, but...
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Round table report – Practicalities of embedding operational AI in financial services

At a recent round table discussion sponsored by SoftwareAG, we explored exciting developments in AI and the practicalities of embedding operational AI in financial services. The discussion was based on the issues raised in the...
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naturally intelligent - work alongside AI

Naturally intelligent: Can we work alongside Artificial Intelligence?

Report: Discussion hosted by The Realization Group, led by Software AG Artificial intelligence (AI) will one day become so commonplace that it will fade into the background, according to attendees at a round table held...
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Trade surveillance – Separating the spoof from the truth

This was the third in a series of round tables discussing issues around trade surveillance hosted by The Realization Group, led by Certeco, Nasdaq, Sybenetix and Charles Russell Speechlys. As regulatory scrutiny intensifies, could machine-learning...
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Blog, Charles Platt of Software AG

Putting Artificial Intelligence to profitable use

By Charles Platt, Software AG It’s crunch time for the Big Data crunchers. Having lavished millions of dollars on data scientists to search for patterns in a deluge of digital information, banks and financial institutions...
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