Social media marketing for Financial Services

We help financial service companies to stand out on social media.

Some people find social media a chore. Lucky for us, we love it. We’ve been helping financial service clients with their social media for years and know precisely the winning formula for share-worthy content. Based in London, we create winning social media for financial services campaigns for UK clients and internationally.

We take social media off your hands so that you can focus on your day job.

We are financial services experts – no hand-holding required here.

We always create impactful content that will resonate with your target audience.

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We really know our stuff when it comes to social media for financial services. 

Because we focus solely on the financial markets sector, we know exactly what content gets your target audience excited. We will always be up to speed with the latest goings-on, so you can feel confident every piece of social media content will place your company as the leader of the pack.    


We keep you on brand and out of trouble.

Worried you’ll cause a Twitter storm with the wrong post? Not sure you’re always nailing the right tone of voice? Social media can be a tough gig. So many elements to get right and so easy to get wrong. Our Social Media Managers can take the pressure off you. They’ll work hand in hand with our design team, so your content always hits the mark – helping you connect better with your audience and avoid any public mishaps.

Build a buzz around your big ideas. Our PPC specialists can support with social media ads. 

Got that big idea that you feel deserves a wider audience? Our social media and PPC experts work in tandem to create campaigns that drive your new business. Share your vision, and we’ll turn it into social media gold. No wasted ad spend here – our experts will continually optimise your campaign to drive the right leads for your business. 

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Not sure what to post next? Want more hours back in your day? We’ll help you create a long-term social content strategy.

Find yourself on LinkedIn wondering what to post next? Hours spent creating captions, only for a lacklustre amount of engagement? Our team has tons of experience working across all social media channels. We know how to combine the right tactics with excellent content, helping you to build an audience that engages with your posts. Let us help you deliver your social media for financial services strategy so you’re never stuck for ideas again.


We have the in-house tools and analytics to make your social media perform better.

At The Realization Group, we have all the software to make your social media perform at its optimum. We don’t post content and hope for the best. We always use data to back it up. We’ll analyse what gets your audience engaging and identify what can be improved. 

How our social media for financial services can support you

Social media training

We offer comprehensive social media training for Twitter and LinkedIn, helping you to run successful social media campaigns

Lead prospecting

Our social media for financial services help you get noticed by the right people, generating leads and new business for your company.

Content creation

We have a network of photographers, copywriters and graphic designers who will create content that is consistent with your brand.

Growing your social following

We know the content that gets a flurry of hearts and the content that gets shared for all the wrong reasons – helping you to build an online community. 

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