PPC for Financial Services

Pay-per-click (PPC) has revolutionized advertising. Gone are the days of spending money to show your advert to a lot of people in the hope that some of them will be interested. With PPC, you who should see your advert and you only pay when someone clicks on it. PPC gives you a level of control over your budget, allowing you to set either a total budget, or the most you’re willing to spend for each click.

Our PPC experts know how to squeeze every drop of value from your adverts and your budget. The unmatched control of PPC advertising makes this a cost-effective option. We take a data-driven approach to paid search, continually analysing and optimising to reduce your cost per click, while simultaneously increasing ROI. Our PPC specialists have multi-channel expertise, combined with deep knowledge of financial services, so we know how to make compliant and impactful PPC campaigns that drive measurable results.


PPC campaign management

PPC advertising is about generating high-quality inbound leads at a relatively low cost per acquisition. We begin with an audit of your current Google Ads campaign setup and strategy, looking for what’s working well and what could be improved. Then we shape a PPC strategy around your goals and target audience criteria.

We’re fastidious about conversion rate optimization (CRO), always striving to improve performance and send more quality leads to your website. Launching a PPC campaign is only the beginning; we then take the time to review performance and adjust as necessary.

We’re a hands-on PPC agency that understands multiple platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each platform has a different consumer profile, context, and type of content. Understanding these nuances helps us to deliver an effective PPC strategy time after time.


Combining PPC with SEO

The best marketing strategies integrate both PPC and SEO. While strong SEO will send relevant organic traffic to your website, it can take time to start delivering. PPC marketing offers more immediate results and enables you to accelerate your growth strategy by appearing at the top of Google search quickly.

By tapping into the data available on social media platforms, you can create highly-targeted PPC campaigns for financial services. We can target your ideal prospects by age, interests, location, job title, industry, and much more.

PPC for financial services requires an agency that understands both marketing and the financial markets industry. By working with The Realization Group, your PPC strategy will consistently deliver high-quality inbound leads, giving you a steady stream of new prospects.