PR for Financial Services

Public relations is an art form

It makes an impact because it’s exposure that you have earned rather than bought. It helps to build an enviable reputation and unparalleled brand awareness, maximising visibility and attracting attention. Most importantly, it establishes credibility. We specialize in PR for financial services and capital markets.

At the heart of PR is a drive to establish a good reputation and authority. Anyone can spend money on advertising, but to be the go-to person in your industry means you’re special. You’ve got true authority when a journalist knocks on your door for your opinion. The truth is, you can’t be perceived as an expert by telling people you are one. You achieve that status by appearing in the articles people read and the videos they watch. PR for financial services is no exception.

As a FinTech PR agency, we are experts in financial markets and capital markets, with a track record of using media communications to benefit our clients. We have been industry practitioners for over 30 years, with the relationships to match. We know the journalists and we speak their language, enabling you to attract attention, cut through the noise and speak directly to your audience. Our comprehensive range of financial PR services is designed to elevate your brand and amplify your message.

Here are some examples of the many publications where
we have secured coverage for our clients

How financial services PR campaigns can help your business

It isn’t enough to simply offer services; your competitors offer similar services. You must stand out and give people a reason to choose you. They want to buy into you, by aligning their needs with your story and your vision. Where do you come from and where are you going? PR is the opportunity to share that story, develop a strong reputation and cultivate brand ambassadors.

Sitting at the top of your content funnel, PR raises brand awareness and provides content that can be reworked into videos, blog posts, infographics and social media posts to convert your new fans into customers. It plays an essential role, complementing your other communication activities to reach a broader yet targeted audience. If your social media followers are friends at a party, PR is out inviting relevant people.

Put simply, public relations takes you from where you are today to where you want to be. As financial services PR specialists in both financial markets and capital markets, our creativity, industry knowledge and media connections enable us to raise your brand awareness and increase your customer base.+

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big xyt

big xyt does the heavy lifting so our clients can focus on their core business – TRG did the same for us with our marketing and communications. They were proactive, knowledgeable and well connected – the key ingredients for getting us the kind of exposure we need in this space.

Robin Mess, CEO at big xyt

Our financial PR services include:

  • Press releases

    We create and distribute your releases, using our extensive relationships with key financial services businesses and the media to generate coverage in target publications.

  • Developing media relationships

    We work to raise your profile and boost brand awareness, so that journalists will start to approach you for quotes and features.

  • Identifying opportunities

    Our experience and network allow us to find opportunities to keep you in the public eye. From industry discussions to editorial programmes, your expertise will be in demand.

  • Media training

    We facilitate comprehensive media training so you’ll be relaxed and confident in any media situation, from a phone call to a live segment on television.

  • Networking and events

    Sometimes a press release isn’t the appropriate action. An event can be a valuable experience to build new relationships with journalists and industry figures; the informal environment encourages natural discussion and an opportunity to engage on a more human level. The new relationships you make can translate into regular coverage, amplifying your message, raising brand awareness and developing a strong reputation.

  • Thought leadership

    Being a publisher of amazing content is like lighting a fuse under your business. A combination of research and insight, distributed to the relevant media, can yield significant coverage and skyrocket your reputation as an expert, positioning you as the team journalists need to ask for information and comment.

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