Content marketing for Financial Services

Content marketing is an incredibly effective way to increase brand awareness and establish trust with new prospects. A strong content marketing strategy delivers the information your audience wants and needs, on the platforms they use, and is tailored to each stage of the buying cycle, making content a valuable lead generation mechanism.


Content marketing strategy

It can be tempting to begin creating content off the cuff. However, thorough research and planning will ensure that every piece of content is relevant to your target audience and is therefore more impactful. Through keyword research and a data-driven focus on SEO, your content will be discovered by, and delivered to, the right people at the right time.

Content repurposing is a key component of our content marketing strategy. Having dedicated a lot of time to effort to crafting high – quality content, you want to leverage it as much as possible. Each piece of pillar content provides a strategic opportunity to create multiple other pieces. For example, a thought leadership white paper can provide inspiration for a series of blog articles, emails, and social media posts. The same white paper can also be used as the talking point for a webinar, allowing you to start conversations and generate leads.

We have coined this approach a ‘persistent market communications’ programme as it propels your business into the spotlight for a prolonged period of time, allowing you to considerably expand your reach and capture new leads.

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Content creation

We have a deep understanding of content marketing for financial services, and are able to produce a wide variety of content types including, but not limited to:

White papers

White papers are in-depth pieces of content that that can serve multiple purposes, including positioning you as an authority in your space, informing readers about your services, and generating new business leads.

Thought leadership pieces

To be seen as a thought leader, you must demonstrate knowledge and expertise in your market with confidence. We create authoritative articles on your behalf, which can be used in marketing campaigns and published as opinion pieces in relevant trade publications.

Blog articles

Blog articles are often the foundation of a content marketing strategy. Each article we write is optimised for SEO to increase your visibility in search results and drive traffic to your website.

Press releases

Informative, concise and attention-grabbing press releases can have an enormous impact on your media presence. We write press releases in a way that appeals to editors, and distribute them through our extensive network of media contacts and key financial services businesses.

Email newsletters

With a solid content marketing strategy in place, you’ll never be stuck for something to send your email subscribers. Your latest news, blog articles and press coverage can be sent directly to your database. We can create your email newsletters and use comprehensive testing of subject lines and segmentation to increase open rates and engagement.


If there’s one thing we know as a content marketing consultancy, it’s that producing a variety of content types allows us to engage with and attract more people. Not everybody has the time or desire to read a text-heavy document, and visual assets such as infographics may be more appealing. They are an excellent way of presenting complex information, particularly effective for the innovative areas of financial and capital markets.


Videos have become one of the most popular methods for consuming content. Video allows your audience to get to know the real people in and behind your brand, giving you the opportunity to showcase your personality and attract your ideal customers. This is increasingly important in our digital world. By breaking down barriers and allowing people to get to know you through video, you will quickly push the boundaries of what it means to build business relationships.

Social media posts

Social media platforms reward engagement; the more people interact with your content the more exposure you will receive. This is because the algorithms will consider your content to be of interest and so it will be shown to more people. That’s why it isn’t enough to merely publish posts. As a financial services content marketing agency, we know how to create compelling content. Using the right combination of text and visuals, we produce social posts that your audience will love – which will increase your reach even further.


Financial Markets Insights

The Realization Group is the creator of Financial Markets Insights; an ongoing series of multi-participant white papers that provide exceptional content and deliver high-impact brand exposure. We bring together industry experts and C-level executives to discuss the latest developments and trends in financial markets. We demonstrate thought leadership and position our clients as experts in their industry.

Our Financial Markets Insights reports provide the foundation of our persistent market communications programme. This is a 3-month rolling programme of high-quality content, brand exposure and inbound lead generation.

We begin by identifying a timely industry topic that allows us to attract your target audience, and allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. From there, relevant participants are invited to take part in the discussion, share their views, and feature in the white paper. Participants can help to elevate your brand, especially if they are well known in the industry and have a great reputation.

Next, we focus on the strategy and content creation, which typically includes:

  • One or two preliminary blog posts to introduce the core topic
  • The release of the Financial Markets Insights paper featuring industry participants
  • An event; either a digital meet-up or an in-person panel discussion featuring the participants of the white paper
  • An article summarizing the event along with content such as a webinar recording of the event

Throughout the process we capture high-quality inbound leads when people download the white paper and register for your event.

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