Branding & Design for Financial Services

Strong branding can elevate your business to new heights. It should be high impact, instantly recognisable and separate your company into a league of its own.

As an experienced branding agency, we understand the importance of appealing to specific audiences within financial services. Key elements such as your logo, colour palette and choice of words communicate subtle messages about your brand and influence first impressions.

Great branding tells a story about your company and the people within it. It gives your firm unique identity that differentiates you from other players in your market. Your brand tells your audience why you do what you do, and why they ought to choose you over a competitor. It should resonate on a subconscious level helping to attract your ideal customers.

Put simply, the importance of branding and design is easy to overlook, although they speak volumes about your company and who you are. They instantly present a very detailed message that goes far beyond the imagery and font, and can help to expedite your growth strategy.

Financial services branding agency

Our experience as a financial services branding and design agency covers the entire financial and capital markets ecosystem, including but not limited to, market data providers, data analytics experts, exchanges, network providers, brokers, clearing and settlement, and fintech and regtech firms. Our clients are based in London and other financial centres across the globe from the US to Australia. For every client, we create bespoke, high-quality branding and design that gets to the heart of the business and presents a professional, innovative and forward-thinking firm. A strong financial services brand should convey trust, intelligence, stability and instill confidence in prospects from an early stage.

We work closely with you to understand your services, mission, company ethos and values. We consider where you are now and where you want to be. Armed with this information we create bespoke branding that shares your story and showcases your company in the best possible light.

Some of the key elements that will form and influence your new brand identity include:
  • logo design and strapline
  • brand positioning
  • core messaging
  • target audience and personas
  • tone of voice guide
  • brand guidelines
  • style guide and shapes
  • graphics
  • colour palette and typography
We also create a full suite of marketing collateral that brings your brand to life, including:
  • adverts
  • banners
  • brochures
  • sales sheets
  • guides and content
  • stationery and collateral
  • trade show stands and merchandise


Our meticulous and creative approach to branding and design builds a strong brand identity and ensures consistency across every channel you use. Everything from your social media posts to PR campaigns will be strengthened by a consistent look and feel, quickly making you a standout company.