Orora collaborates with World Health Innovation Summit

London, 26th September 2023: Orora, a leading London Based FinTech for Good, is thrilled to announce its ground-breaking collaboration with the World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS) to develop an innovative Multi-Hazard Climate and Social Resilience Digital Asset-Based Instrument and to develop Orora’s Impact Banking as a Service Platform. This partnership aims to revolutionise the way we address climate change, and the social wellbeing challenges it raises, by leveraging cutting-edge technology and financial innovation expertise. By coming together to reimagine via Orora’s platform the concept of what Catastrophe and Green Bonds can do this collaboration will collectively build a new era in sustainable finance.

Orora’s Multi-Hazard Climate and Social Resilience Digital Asset-Based instrument issuance and management platform is a first-of-its-kind concept, which will utilize Orora’s UK Government-backed advanced FinTech research and WHIS’ extensive experience in health innovation to create a powerful platform for sustainable investments. This collaboration is set to redefine the landscape of impact investing and climate resilience, contributing to a more resilient future for communities worldwide.

With the increasing frequency and intensity of climate-related disasters and the pressing need for social resilience initiatives, this joint effort will provide a unique and effective solution. Through the integration of digital assets and advanced risk management strategies, these new financial instruments will enable individuals, organizations, and governments to invest in projects that promote climate adaptation, disaster preparedness, and social well-being. While at the same time mitigating the impact of the underlying risk.

“Orora is excited to partner with the World Health Innovation Summit in our shared vision of creating positive impact and driving change,” said Victoria Thompson, Orora’s Founder CEO. “By combining our expertise in FinTech with WHIS’ domain knowledge in the Healthcare and Wellbeing sector, we are confident that this collaboration will pave the way for innovative solutions to address climate change and social challenges humanity is facing in this defining decade.”

The collaboration between Orora and WHIS marks a significant milestone in the financial technology sector, demonstrating the power of cross-industry partnerships to tackle global issues. Together, they will leverage their respective strengths to develop sustainable investment opportunities, empowering investors to make a tangible difference in the face of climate-related risks and social vulnerabilities.

“We are delighted to join forces with Orora, and its team of esteemed leaders in theFinTech space,” commented Gareth Presch, CEO World Health Innovation Summit.“This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to foster innovation and drive social impact. By leveraging digital assets and financial tools, we can collectivelyaddress climate resilience and social well-being, positively impacting communities around the world.”

With their shared commitment to creating a more resilient and sustainable future, Orora and WHIS are poised to revolutionise the way we approach financing climate and social challenges. Together, they will unlock new opportunities for innovative investments, provide access to digital cash, and ultimately foster global resilience and improve societal well-being

LONDON, 27 September 2023 – Zilliqa, a leading layer-1 blockchain offering high-performance, high-security and low-fee solutions, today announces a partnership with GMEX Group and its initiative ZERO13, the digital climate fintech aggregation ecosystem, to launch the first-of-its-kind carbon offset platform that will transform the way that retail customers engage with corporate environmental initiatives.

Together, Zilliqa Group and GMEX ZERO13 will deliver a cutting-edge platform that uses the blockchain-based currency, EVP, to represent carbon credit offsets. When they purchase goods or services, customers of brands partnered with Zilliqa will receive EVP tokens on the Zilliqa blockchain, enabling them to offset their carbon footprint directly through funding various environmental initiatives.

Through this innovative platform, users can channel these tokens towards funding specific carbon-credit offset initiatives, granting them direct influence over which environmental projects their offsets fund. The platform empowers consumers to have a tangible input in carbon neutrality efforts and make better-informed purchasing decisions.

The EVP tokens come with programmable features, such as expiry conditions. If the EVP is not allocated to a carbon offset program by a set deadline, the token is either burned or reverted to the original owner, encouraging timely contributions to sustainability efforts.

For producers of carbon credits, this system not only amplifies the visibility of their projects but also introduces an innovative way to garner support and raise funds. The platform acts as a bridge, digitally connecting these initiatives with conscious consumers eager to contribute to tangible environmental solutions.

The platform offers businesses an opportunity to lead in corporate sustainability, providing complete transparency in how they – and their customers’ – carbon offsets are allocated. In a market that is increasingly environmentally aware, this boosts consumer trust and strengthens brand credibility.

The partnership leverages the combined strengths of Zilliqa Group’s integrated vertical infrastructure and eco-friendly blockchain and GMEX’s multi-asset trading capabilities to create a seamless, transparent, and responsible platform. It builds upon GMEX’s existing services, including its integration with ZERO13, an automated AI and blockchain-driven international carbon exchange, registry and aggregation hub and asset settlement network ecosystem.

Speaking on today’s announcement, Zilliqa Group CEO Matt Dyer, said:

“In the age of information and digital transformation, our partnership with GMEX ZERO13 represents a conscious step towards a greener future. Through this platform, every individual can be a stakeholder in the global fight against climate change. By bridging the gap between carbon credit producers and environmentally conscious consumers, we are ushering in a new era of sustainability. Leveraging Zilliqa’s eco-friendly blockchain, we aim to redefine the consumer experience, making carbon offsetting not just accessible but also engaging and empowering.”

Also commenting, GMEX Group and ZERO13 Chairman & CEO Hirander Misra, said:

“The current way of transacting carbon credits is opaque, manual and fragmented, and has to change to instill trust in the market in a way that both businesses and their consumers can align more effectively to create tangible positive impact to address climate change.” He added, “Our partnership with Zilliqa helps achieve exactly that to transparently digitally connect high quality supply side projects with consumer led and associated corporate demand in a way that restores trust in the market and introduces innovation not previously seen.”

Also commenting, Zilliqa Group Chairman Mark Hemsley added: 

“The collaboration between Zilliqa and GMEX ZERO13 brings to the fore a transformative solution in the climate tech domain. We are not just setting new benchmarks for corporate sustainability but also democratizing the process of carbon offset. Our vision at Zilliqa has always been to drive impactful technological solutions. The era of passive consumerism is behind us and our partnership with GMEX ZERO13 crystallizes this vision, offering a direct, transparent and impactful way for consumers to play a part in the larger environmental narrative.”

London, New York, Sept 26, 2023 – Quantbot Technologies, a global multi billion dollar quantitative manager, has selected  3forge’s full stack development platform for its front-end technology across all departments, recognizing its advanced capabilities in real-time and historical data visualization technology and complex workflows.

Powerful combination of expertise

Quantbot has always been a powerhouse in backend technology, focusing its team of 50+ developers on building proprietary algorithms and data-driven alpha  investment strategies. Seeking to enhance its front end capabilities, it sought a partner with a front end solution covering all aspects of trading, risk, portfolio management and compliance.    

With its specialized focus on scalable, high performance, enterprise front office technologies and real time, data-agnostic analytics, 3forge fits the bill.  Bringing together 3forge’s enterprise front end solutions with Quantbot’s back end data analytics capabilities enables users to more efficiently access,  visualize and interpret complex data sets and derive actionable insights.  The enhanced Quantbot user interface includes real-time data visualizations, customizable dashboards and advanced reporting capabilities.

Paul White, CEO of Quantbot, expressed:

“I had the pleasure of meeting Robert and 3forge at an industry event earlier this year and immediately saw value in their capabilities. Quantbot, by definition, has never truly been focused on the user interface to power our business but what 3forge has delivered for us in a really short time to market has greatly improved our ability to manage our P&L and cloud compute environments. We look forward to a lengthy and strategic relationship with them.”

Founder of 3forge, Robert Cooke, added:

“We are excited that Quantbot has licensed 3forge’s full stack platform as the common user interface globally across all departments. During the proof-of-concept it was evident that they have a cutting edge development team with equally demanding use cases. We are happy to welcome them into the 3forge consortium”

Key benefits of the 3forge/Quantbot partnership

  • Real-time Data Processing and Visualization: With 3forge’s platform, Quantbot can now process and visualize vast amounts of data in real-time, allowing for quicker decision-making and more accurate insights.
  • Flexible Integration & Connectivity: 3forge’s platform includes more than  100 out-of-the-box adapters, enabling Quantbot – for the first time – to seamlessly connect and integrate disjointed datasets. 
  • Speed and Efficiency: 3forge’s platform requires significantly fewer lines of code compared to in-house solutions, enabling Quantbot to bring new features and updates to market faster and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Reliability: 3forge’s micro-subscription model ensures a 99.99% reliability rate, minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime for Quantbot’s operations.
  • Scalability: 3forge’s platform is designed for low-overhead and can easily scale throughout the organization as Quantbot grows, without requiring a complete overhaul of the system.

Providing cross-enterprise liquidity management expertise, market trends and insights 

LONDON, NEW YORK, SINGAPORE, 20th September  2023Planixs, the market leading provider of real-time, intraday cash, collateral and liquidity management solutions, has appointed industry expert Olaf Ransome to the role of  Liquidity Futurologist. Olaf will provide strategic insights into the future of liquidity, enhancing Planixs’ cross-enterprise liquidity intelligence solution, which powers more efficient liquidity allocation and optimisation.

Known widely as ‘The Bankers’ Plumber’, Olaf is a Financial Markets specialist with a career spanning over 35 years at global institutions including Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Salomon Brothers.  He has extensive experience working with firms operating in traditional and decentralised Financial Market Infrastructures. Olaf’s industry knowledge and expertise will help Planixs continue to expand and enhance its proprietary real-time liquidity intelligence solution, Realiti®, enabling industry participants to optimise intraday liquidity usage and maximise value from liquidity resources. 

By delivering real-time 360° control and insights across a firm’s enterprise-wide liquidity landscape, and transforming cross-firm data into a single source of truth, Realiti® enables businesses to unlock growth through smarter, value-creating liquidity decisions. 

Neville Roberts, CEO, Planixs commented: “Olaf is one of the world’s foremost experts in banking capabilities and processes. His breadth and depth of experience across the Financial Services value chain will be of great value to Planixs and I am delighted to welcome him to our company. There is a good reason why he is known as The Bankers’ Plumber.

As our Liquidity Futurologist, our market-defining product, Realiti®, will benefit directly from Olaf’s expertise and his insights into liquidity – and liquidity optimisation trends –  which can in turn be translated into data management solutions that enable our clients to react more efficiently to trends and changes.”

Olaf Ransome added: “Without doubt, liquidity is the lifeblood of all financial transactions and services. Recent events have shown us that real-time liquidity management requires control of cash and securities. Planixs’ Realiti® platform enables financial firms to do just that. I am excited to join the firm to influence its strategic vision and direction as demand for available global liquidity intensifies in the coming years.”


London and Calgary, 14 September 2023: ZERO13, a GMEX Group initiative providing a digital climate fintech aggregation ecosystem, and ESG1, a subsidiary of GuildOne providing innovative digital assets and ESG solutions built on R3’s Corda, have announced a landmark collaboration that will create an automated digital pipeline for North American industrial carbon offsets to reach high-demand markets in Europe and the Middle East. ESG1’s V10N digital measurement, reporting, verification, and tokenization (MRVT) platform is integrating with GMEX’s ZERO13 trading hub to provide large-scale, high-integrity credits generated by disruptive emissions removal technologies. 

Ensuring verified and traceable ESG data is a key part of the critical path to closing the $100 trillion climate finance gap and proving global sustainability progress, which will create a powerful adoption driver for the convergence of blockchain, AI, and IoT. ZERO13’s automated AI and multi-blockchain-driven ecosystem engages stakeholders across the carbon generation, registry, and monetization lifecycle to support a trusted Net Zero transition for governments, corporations, and ESG investment markets. 

ZERO13’s multi-chain trading and settlement functionality will be leveraged by ESG1 for its private carbon tokens, powered by R3’s Corda platform, the leading distributed tokenization platform for regulated industries, and its Cardano public chain tokens. Based in Alberta, Canada, ESG1 works with leading energy sector, cleantech and verification partners to register, verify, and issue digital carbon assets on-chain, with embedded IoT device provenance and AI-facilitated analytics and reporting. 

ESG1 was founded by oil & gas blockchain company GuildOne to pivot the company’s data infrastructure and smart contract technologies to meet the challenges of the energy transition. Since its founding in 2001, GuildOne has developed award-winning digitalization projects for major oil & gas players and First Nations communities, including a joint venture management collaboration with ExxonMobil, the Blockchain for Energy Consortium, and R3 Corda that was featured in the 2023 Forbes Blockchain 50.

James Graham, CEO of ESG1 and GuildOne said, “We know from our decades in the energy sector that Alberta is the leading global jurisdiction for the advanced measurement and quantification protocols needed to support true carbon market integrity and value. We’re excited to partner with ZERO13 to export these proven Canadian emissions standards to the world while collaborating on building automated, scalable, and IoT-integrated carbon markets.”

Hirander Misra, CEO of GMEX Group and ZERO13 added, “Our collaboration with ESG1 ensures buyers can digitally procure high quality carbon removal credits with end-to-end provenance and trust. This is achieved by combining ESG1’s advanced digital measurement, reporting, verification and associated tokenisation capabilities interoperating with ZERO13’s automated AI and multi-blockchain-driven trading and settlement network. We can also maximise distribution by connecting multiple registries, exchanges, digital custodians and participants.”

Todd McDonald, R3s Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, said, “Distributed technology can completely revolutionize the traceability and verification of ESG data, and we’re excited to see Corda being deployed successfully by ESG1. R3 is committed to enabling an open, trusted and enduring digital economy, and this use case is yet another example of Corda’s ability to facilitate interoperability between its regulatory-compliant, permissioned environment, public blockchains and traditional institutional finance.”

New York, August 30, 2023 – Standard Custody & Trust Company, LLC (“Standard Custody”), a New York Department of Financial Services regulated limited purpose trust company and qualified custodian, is excited to work with GSR Markets Limited (“GSR”), a leading digital asset liquidity provider and trading firm, to support its escrow services.

As a trusted and established qualified custodian, Standard Custody understands the importance of safeguarding client assets. Standard Custody has created a seamless and secure escrow solution that clients are leveraging through its collaboration with GSR and other best-in-class trading firms.

The solution reduces counterparty risk by separating collateral from trading partners and placing it in escrow with a bankruptcy remote, regulated qualified custodian while also enabling instant and secure settlement of digital assets.

“Standard Custody is pleased to be offering solutions that reduce risk. By collaborating with an industry leader like GSR, clients can confidently access liquidity with a leading provider while significantly reducing credit and settlement risk,” said Jack McDonald, CEO of Standard Custody.

“We believe this relationship with Standard Custody will be a crucial step in the settlement and mitigation of counterparty credit exposure, further elevating standards for reliability and efficiency, and restoring market confidence,” said Rich Rosenblum, Co-Founder and President, GSR. “This type of innovation secures the existing marketplace while encouraging further institutional adoption in the space.”

For more information about Standard Custody and its escrow services, please visit standardcustody.com or contact sales@standardcustody.com.

New York and London, August 30, 2023 – IPC is pleased to announce an industry collaboration that brings together Celoxica’s Market Access Gateway with IPC’s Connexus platform to deliver a hosted, fully managed colocation solution to a Tier 1 Investment Bank in Taiwan, for enhanced Direct Market Access (DMA) and pre-trade risk management.

IPC is providing fully managed hosting services in the CHT data center, underpinned by Connexus Colocation, Connectivity and Chrono services, to deliver more efficient market access to – and lower latency trading in – Taiwanese financial markets. This solution is further enhanced with seamless integration with Celoxica’s Market Access Gateway (MAG) platform that supports trading multiple asset classes, with comprehensive pre-trade risk management and assured ultra-low latency performance, regardless of trading volumes and market volatility. Further, the Investment Bank benefits from cost efficiencies through replacing capital expenditure with an operational expenditure service model.

John Owens, Director of Global Exchange Relationship Management, IPC Systems, said, “We are pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with Celoxica on a fully managed, ultra-low latency market connectivity and pre-trade risk management trading solution that supports our customer’s speed to market with respect to exchange, broker and client connectivity.”

Ben Tyas, Head of Asia region for Celoxica, commented, “Partnering with IPC allows us to continue building our presence in the Asia Pacific region and offer both local and global customers a fully managed service leveraging our ultra-low latency product suite for market data, trading and risk checks.”

15 August 2023 – RESTON, Va. – Transaction Network Services (TNS) today announced a partnership with next-generation trading and connectivity solutions provider TRAFiX to expand its order execution and routing management systems on TNS’ Dedicated Server across all major Canadian financial exchange markets.

Based out of the Equinix TR2 Data Center in Toronto, TRAFiX will leverage the full-stack TNS Dedicated Server offering to optimize its custom hardware and trading connectivity requirements. TRAFiX will also use the recently launched TNS Cloud Server Management solution, which easily handles operating system installation, configuration and patching as well as monitoring, troubleshooting and access management. 

“The TNS bare-metal server inventory allows TRAFiX to efficiently scale and support our customers’ order management systems, execution management systems and Financial Information eXchange (FIX) routing capabilities in Canada and around the world,” said Greg Perry, TRAFiX COO. “Following our acquisition of ITS, this partnership with TNS furthers our commitment to the Canadian capital markets industry and sets the stage for building out TRAFiX’s broad solution portfolio.”

“TRAFiX continues to execute our strategy to expand and serve our customers in regions around the world,” said Walter Fitzgerald, TRAFiX CEO. “This investment and installation of TNS Dedicated Server demonstrates our commitment to provide the best available technology infrastructure to support our customers today and into the future in Canada.”

With the TNS Dedicated Server, TRAFiX has access to 9 standardized server options that have been optimized for front and middle office trading infrastructure to meet the specific computing needs of TRAFiX and its clients. TNS Dedicated Server is designed to deliver low latency performance of trading applications with multiple dedicated server options available. TNS’ server inventory and cloud managed data center services facilitate rapid installation and solve hardware supply chain and server management challenges for TRAFiX.

“In response to our clients’ diminishing provider options in the market, we’ve significantly increased their return on outsourcing investment with full-stack server management,” said Rick Gilbody, TNS’ Head of  North American Sales for its Financial Markets business. “By integrating infrastructure procurement, deployment, configuration and management, we can help our customers simplify operations, and rapidly increase their go-to-market opportunities.”

Buy and sell-side institutions and their vendors can work with TNS as a single source for both managed hosting and managed infrastructure services.

“The accelerated volume and low latency trading traffic that TNS can generate out of the TR2 data center will immediately allow us to gain more access and increase trading efficiencies for our mutual clients,” said Gilbody. “This strategic approach to colocation hosting is a significant milestone in expanding the ultra low latency trading footprint for Canadian financial markets, and connectivity to the greater global exchange community.”

The agreement with TRAFiX represents the accelerating rollout of TNS’ bare metal colocation services and the company’s new TNS Cloud platform. The complete suite of hosting solutions offers a wide range of dedicated and shared compute options to meet the needs of all trading operations and investment sectors. 

TNS brings together over 5,000 financial community endpoints, supported by a global, 125-strong point-of-presence footprint. Specifically designed and engineered to address the needs of financial market participants worldwide, TNS offers a range of connectivity, colocation, cloud, market data and VPN solutions within its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) portfolio. Its solutions are monitored 24x7x365 by TNS’ Network Operations Centers in the US, UK, Australia and Malaysia. For further information visit tnsfinancial.com.

London, 15th August, 2023: Jacobi Asset Management (Jacobi) has listed Europe’s first spot Bitcoin ETF on Euronext Amsterdam. The Jacobi FT Wilshire Bitcoin ETF (the “ETF”) represents the first digital asset fund compliant with SFDR Article 8 through its decarbonisation strategy. Jacobi has implemented a verifiable built-in Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) solution which allows institutional investors to access the benefits of Bitcoin whilst also meeting ESG goals.

The ETF, regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC), trades under the ticker BCOIN. Custodial services are provided by Fidelity Digital AssetsSM, with Flow Traders operating as market makers and Jane Street and DRW as Authorised Participants. Fund benchmark, the FT Wilshire Bitcoin Blended Price Index, is provided by Wilshire Indexes with the REC solution created in collaboration with digital asset platform, Zumo.

CEO of Jacobi Asset Management, Martin Bednall said: “It is exciting to see Europe moving ahead of the US in opening up Bitcoin investing for institutional investors who want safe, secure access to the benefits of digital assets using familiar and regulated structures like our ETF. Unlike other products in the European market which are debt instruments, our fund owns the underlying asset directly. Jacobi is proud to be supported by Tier1 partners at the forefront of this digital asset market evolution whilst also pioneering an innovative, environmentally sound solution for European investors.”

Mark Makepeace, CEO of Wilshire Indexes, added: “The launch of the Jacobi FT Wilshire Bitcoin ETF is an important milestone for the digital asset industry and a transformative moment for the global financial industry. We are excited about the partnership with Jacobi and, as a leader in the development of institutional grade digital asset benchmarks, we are committed to helping accelerate the advancement of the entire digital asset ecosystem.”

The Jacobi FT Wilshire Bitcoin ETF offers an ESG-aligned digital asset solution where environmentally conscious ETF buyers can consider Bitcoin within their investment portfolio, as well as independently audit the environmental claims. Jacobi’s solution differs from carbon offsetting products by quantifying the electricity consumption attributable to Bitcoin in the ETF and purchasing equivalent RECs, the standardised instrument for procuring clean power. This provides digital proof of RECs, transparently recorded on a blockchain.

Kirsteen Harrison, Environmental Manager, Zumo, commented: “The decarbonisation of crypto is one of the most pressing challenges facing the nascent digital assets sector, and there is increasing pressure on all businesses to have credible plans to decarbonise. We’ve been working closely with Jacobi Asset Management to help them build out an ESG-aligned, future-proofed crypto offering for their customers. It’s hugely exciting to see it come to life in the shape of Europe’s first Bitcoin ETF. We’re creating the investment products of tomorrow – what a moment for the industry.”

Emanuel van Praag, lawyer at Kennedy Van der Laan, commented: “We are proud to have provided legal counsel to Jacobi AM in its listing of the first SFDR Article 8 digital assets fund.”

August 1, 2023 – RESTON, Va. – Transaction Network Services (TNS) today extended the build out of its TNS Cloud platform with the introduction of TNS Cloud – Server Management, delivering full-suite trading infrastructure and support to buy- and sell-side institutions and their vendors.

Designed for high-performance exchange trading utilizing TNS’ bare metal servers and ultra-low latency trading connectivity, TNS Cloud – Server Management combines the company’s Dedicated Server hosting capabilities with hands-on server management. This end-to-end offering helps to dramatically reduce clients’ trading center complexity and costs, allowing firms to focus their human resources on mission-critical business goals and go-to-market opportunities.

“Our colocation and Managed Hosting already set the standard for the financial exchange industry,” said Jeff Mezger, TNS’ Vice President of Product Development for its Financial Markets business. “Up until now, trading organizations often outsourced cloud data center services, but still had to manage their own server resources. With our new Server Management, paired with TNS’ established colocation capabilities, we’re reducing complexity and breaking new ground by providing both infrastructure and end-to-end server management.”

TNS Cloud – Server Management simplifies and streamlines trading data centers by providing operations and maintenance for customers’ servers. Built on the company’s global connectivity backbone, Server Management moves up the stack to provide clients with a single-source suite of custom services, including among other things:

  • Operating system installation, configuration, and management;
  • Server hardware and operating system health monitoring; and
  • User access management.

Earlier this year, TNS announced the first phase of its private TNS Cloud build-out with the launch of its Dedicated Server offering that optimizes custom hardware deployment, trading connectivity, and server procurement.

“Traders are racing toward cloud adoption, and with the early success of TNS Dedicated Server, TNS Cloud – Server Management now completes the package for clients who demand full systems management integration, stability, and security,” said Mezger.

The launch of TNS Cloud – Server Management accelerates the rollout of TNS’ bare metal colocation services and the TNS Cloud platform. The complete suite of hosting solutions offers a wide range of options to meet the needs of all trading operations and within all investment sectors. 

“Trying to keep up with operating system updates are major pain points that increase costs and reduce time to market opportunities for our customers,” said Mezger. “With TNS Cloud – Server Management, we can provide not only infrastructure, but in-depth server management that frees up our clients to focus on their core business to move faster toward increased trading profitability.”

TNS brings together over 5,000 financial community endpoints, supported by a global, 125-strong point-of-presence footprint. Specifically designed and engineered to address the needs of financial market participants worldwide, TNS offers a range of connectivity, colocation, cloud, market data and VPN solutions within its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) portfolio. Its solutions are monitored 24x7x365 by TNS’ Network Operations Centers in the US, UK, Australia and Malaysia. For further information visit tnsfinancial.com.

New York, July 27, 2023 — Standard Custody & Trust Company, a NYDFS chartered company providing institutional-grade custody, escrow, and settlement services for digital assets, announced a groundbreaking partnership with L1 Advisors, a pioneering onchain wealth management platform for financial advisors and their clients. This partnership signifies an industry-first product offering for registered investment advisors, wealth managers, and family offices.

The collaboration ushers in a new era of digital asset management, providing financial advisors with a hybrid approach to digital asset custody, management, and advisory for the first time. This innovative approach combines the security and convenience of qualified custody with the portability and self-sovereignty of self-custody.

The newly bundled product offering enables advisors to offer both discretionary and non-discretionary advice, facilitating a more personalized approach to digital asset advisory. That’s the case for Nick Rygiel, the owner and Financial Advisor at Ironclad Financial, who started using both platforms in his practice. “I’m excited to leverage the L1 Advisors and Standard Custody product integration. This innovative alliance lets us offer a unique hybrid service that transforms how our clients manage their digital wealth.”

Through the L1 platform, advisors can now monitor assets in qualified custody or in clients’ self-custodied wallets, granting unprecedented access to a broader view of client portfolios. This adaptability ensures that the advisory services can be tailored to suit operational and compliance needs, creating a unique edge for advisors in the emerging landscape of digital assets.

Jack McDonald, CEO of PolySign, the parent company of Standard Custody & Trust, acknowledged the strategic importance of this partnership: “L1 Advisors has solved an important challenge within the wealth management space, and we are proud to be partnering with them to help bring a more robust solution to the market via our next-generation digital asset regulated custodian. Standard Custody’s conflict-free model perfectly aligns with the ethos of private wealth, and our combined offering gives clients the most secure, qualified custodial services they deserve.”

Echoing the same sentiment, Miguel Kudry, CEO of L1 Advisors, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “This seamless blend of qualified custody and self-custody is an industry first and gives advisors and their clients the assurance they have been looking for so long to advise on digital assets. The future of onchain wealth management is a hybrid of self-custody and qualified custody, and we are excited to partner with Standard Custody to make that vision a reality.”

This collaboration signals a milestone in the evolution of digital assets management and advisory, and both Standard Custody and L1 Advisors look forward to shaping the future of wealth management.

26 July 2023, London and Johannesburg: big xyt, the independent provider of smart data and analytics solutions to the financial community, and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), the largest stock exchange in Africa, today announced the launch of big xyt ecosystems. The mission of the new company is to provide the innovative Trade Explorer data analytics platform, which was launched in South Africa earlier this year, to other financial centres around the world.

The platform enables trading venues to distribute data analytics solutions to their information services customers, including the trading firms, issuers and investors that comprise a finance ecosystem. The solutions are delivered directly to end users through web hosted services under the branding of a sponsoring venue, meaning rapid time to market and low cost of ownership.

Trade Explorer provides sophisticated analytics tools that enable users to understand market liquidity and flows, market share, business concentration, and execution performance. It also delivers tools for analysing trading patterns and for pre-trade decision support. The new company will also offer DataShop and private cloud functionality to help trading venues promote their unique data sets.

Leila Fourie, JSE Group CEO, said; “All trading venues understand the need for a market data business adjacent to the core mission of providing high quality markets. Innovative data analytics solutions form a major component of the future growth in this multi-billion dollar sector. big xyt ecosystems will empower our peers in other financial centres to develop this opportunity.”

Robin Mess, CEO and Co-founder of big xyt, added; “Trading venues can rapidly realise additional revenue streams by leveraging their unique datasets without making heavy investments in new technology. For market participants, this offers greater accessibility to data analytics for firms of all sizes as there is no longer the need to develop such capabilities in-house.”

big xyt ecosystems is an equal investment by the partners, who combined bring substantial capabilities to the trading venues marketplace. The new company will benefit from big xyt’s technology stack and considerable experience of providing these solutions to the market, while the JSE brings the innovative culture that resulted in the Trade Explorer concept, proven use cases from its own marketplace, and an extensive peer network within the global exchange community.

July 18, 2023 (London & Geneva) McKay Brothers International SA (MBI) launched its newest lowest known latency market data service, distributing Cboe UK cash equities raw data at the London Stock Exchange via its wireless QRD service. Cboe UK equities data is sourced at Slough-LD4 and then distributed at the LSE’s Telehouse North 2 data center. The QRD service distributes the full Cboe UK CXE and BXE feeds in their native exchange format. 

“We are thrilled to offer traders the fastest Cboe UK cash equities data at the LSE,” says MBI Managing Director Francois Tyc. “Our UK cash equities service is an excellent complement to the other ultra-low latency wireless market data and private bandwidth services we offer in Europe.”

MBI distributes both raw and normalized market data to key exchange-trading European hubs in London, Frankfurt, Bergamo/Milan, Zurich and Madrid. The company sources data from the world’s most important financial exchanges, including Eurex, ICE-Liffe, the London Metal Exchange, Cboe EU and the CME Group. MBI’s extensive wireless European private bandwidth services connect the UK and Frankfurt, Zurich, and Milan/Bergamo at the lowest known latency, as well as Frankfurt with Zurich and Bergamo/Milan.

London and Hamburg – July 18, 2023 – IPC Systems, a leading provider of secure, compliant communications and multi-cloud connectivity solutions for global financial markets, and CryptoStruct, a major low latency cryptocurrency market data and trading solution provider, have joined forces to offer enterprise-grade data to IPC’s Connexus® Crypto ecosystem.

Launched in November 2021, Connexus Crypto is IPC’s flagship solution for cryptocurrency trading, supporting complex trading strategies and mitigating risk. Connexus Crypto, a market leading arbitrage enabling solution for cryptocurrency trading, allows market participants to buy and sell cryptocurrency simultaneously in different markets. The solution also provides users with low latency connectivity and instant access to the liquidity of several global crypto exchanges. Connexus Crypto is underpinned by the Connexus Cloud platform, a multi-cloud trading ecosystem connecting more than 7,000 global market participants.

CryptoStruct provides an all-in-one trading solution including highly accurate, normalized, low-latency market data from global crypto exchanges and comprehensive tick histories nano-second time-stamped in colocation for all supported markets. The offering gives customers the option to choose between the whole trading solution or market data only. In both cases, customers will benefit from low-latency access to normalized market data in a single format, making it effortless to integrate and scale their business. The integration with Connexus Crypto gives further choice by enabling customers to receive data not only in the cloud but also via the low-latency backbone infrastructure from IPC with access points all over the world. 

“With CryptoStruct joining the IPC ecosystem, our customers will now benefit from a suite of low-latency market data feeds, specifically for the crypto asset class. This is an exciting addition and expansion from our recent announcement with Celoxica, which cements our position as collaborating with best-of-breed providers in the low-latency electronic trading arena,” Alex Walker, VP Global Network Data Sales, IPC Systems. 

“We are thrilled to partner with IPC on the delivery of market data to the Connexus Crypto trading environment. Customers will benefit from our sophisticated feed arbitrage which makes our feed not only ultra fast but also highly reliable. Furthermore, with the ability to provide a nano-second time-stamped full depth tick-history, traders and quants will find it very easy to analyze and back-test their trading ideas,” Iain Clarke, Head of Sales, CryptoStruct. 

LONDON – 29TH June 2023 – TechPassport, the leading SaaS provider connecting financial institutions with enterprise ready FinTech firms, is pleased to announce its partnership with Greengage, a crypto friendly digital merchant banking pioneer looking to use TechPassport to connect with innovative solutions. This collaboration expands TechPassport’s marketplace, connecting FinTechs with a broader range of buyers in the financial services industry.

Oscar Brennan, Chief Revenue Officer of TechPassport, expressed his enthusiasm about the new partnership, stating;

“We are delighted to have Greengage join our platform. This collaboration brings diversity to the financial institutions already on TechPassport, creating more interactions with a varied array of FinTechs in our marketplace. We hope to see more digital banking providers follow suit, utilising our platform to find FinTechs that meet their needs and governance standards.”

TechPassport, which has been operating since 2019, has already successfully demonstrated the ability in the banking space for its platform to reduce the time taken to establish NDAs and POCs.

Example outcome delivered for Tier 1 bank: NDA & PoC request time reduced by 94% from five weeks to 1-3 days.

TechPassport’s collaboration with Greengage perfectly aligns with the recent announcement made by the UK government during the renowned UK Tech Week. Rishi Sunak, with his ambitious goal of making the UK the leading country worldwide for starting, growing, and investing in tech businesses, has set the stage for our collective industry aspirations.

Achieving this ambitious objective requires robust support for FinTechs to thrive once they’ve embarked on their entrepreneurial journey. It is through our exceptional platform that TechPassport bridges the crucial gap between these emerging ventures and potential buyers, paving the way for their success.

Sean Kiernan, Founder and CEO of Greengage added:

“We are excited about joining the TechPassport platform as it will enable us to connect with FinTech companies providing innovative solutions to help deliver on our digital merchant banking vision. We are also keen to build relationships with FinTech firms who might benefit in turn from Greengage’s responsive e-money banking services, with every client getting personal service and a dedicated Relationship Manager.”

June 20, 2023 – RESTON, Va. – Transaction Network Services (TNS) has enhanced its European backbone, delivering increased capacity, to support ever-increasing market data volumes from multiple exchanges to any location across Europe. 

The network has also been reengineered to help ensure maximum uptime, resiliency and data delivery and to provide the lowest commercially available latency between key European financial centers, including London, Frankfurt and Bergamo.

“We are confident that TNS’ upgraded network can deliver data between Equities data centers as fast as possible within Europe, with capacity to ensure customers do not experience packet loss or service outages due to increasing market data feed volumes,” said Jeff Mezger, TNS’ Vice President of Product Development for Financial Markets.

“As we continue to bring on new exchanges, and experience constantly growing market data traffic, we enhanced our European backbone to ensure we have future-proofed capacity to allow data from any exchange to be delivered to any location in Europe without incident. This includes providing market data intra-Europe as well as moving market data from the US and Asia to Europe. We now utilize 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps circuits as they offer lower latency network links, compared to the 10 Gbps routes offered by some.”

TNS has upgraded both its primary and secondary network paths, maintaining full end-to-end diversity of its A and B market data feeds. Its fully diverse circuits guarantee that TNS provides resilient paths between each financial center.

“We also revisited the European network routes and providers to ensure that we had the lowest commercially available latency between each financial center and took the opportunity to make sure we were deploying the latest generation switching hardware at each location,” adds Mezger.

Over the past five years, TNS has built an ultra low latency trading network throughout Europe, perfectly matched to the needs of buy-side and sell-side firms, prop shops and vendors. Accessing exchanges through TNS is much more cost-effective than customers procuring their own exchange connections, as TNS has points-of-presence (PoPs) in 60 global exchanges and local personnel with existing exchange relationships. The network has grown to include locations such as Equinix LD4, Interxion LON1, London Stock Exchange, ICE Basildon, Equinix FR2, Bergamo Italy, Madrid and Stockholm.  In addition, TNS connects to Wiener Borse, SIX Swiss, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Borsa Istanbul via its remote PoPs in Europe.

TNS brings together over 5,000 financial community endpoints, supported by a global, 125-strong PoP footprint. Specifically designed and engineered to address the needs of financial market participants worldwide, TNS offers a range of connectivity, colocation services, cloud, market data and VPN solutions within its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) portfolio. Its solutions are monitored 24x7x365 by TNS’ Network Operations Centers across the globe. For further information visit www.tnsfinancial.com. 

NEW YORK, NY and GLASGOW, UK – June 19, 2023Beeks Group, a leading managed cloud computing and analytics provider for the global financial markets and IPC Systems, a leading provider of electronic trading solutions, today announced the deployment of an advanced managed infrastructure-as a-service (IaaS) solution for the JSE. JSE, the largest stock exchange in Africa, can now offer, direct to their own customers, an in colocation branded experience. 

The launch of Colo 2.0 will further entrench our position as a centre of innovation for financial markets on the African continent. We will provide our clients with leading-edge innovative hosting and connectivity solutions for their colocation needs.  This collaboration with two global market leaders is paramount to fostering innovation at the JSE,” says Langa Manqele, Head of Equities and Equity Derivatives at Johannesburg Stock Exchange. 

The collaboration between Beeks and IPC provides the financial markets with one of the industry’s foremost private and hybrid computing infrastructure offerings, with global availability at premier colocation facilities. Together, they are delivering end-to-end market solutions that syndicate market data and trade lifecycle services with a powerful, purpose-built trading infrastructure in key global markets. The joint solution will enable customer deployments within JSE’s own data centres. JSE’s clients will be able to utilise all the capabilities of Beeks Exchange Cloud and IPC, including on-demand cloud and analytics capabilities.

“Africa is fast emerging as an influential global player and this is a huge opportunity for Beeks, IPC and the JSE to help drive capital markets innovation and development in Africa.  By reducing CapEx spend and operational barriers to entry, our flexible solution allows the JSE to offer a branded cloud service in their own facility, and control that infrastructure easily at scale, turning a cost centre into a profit centre. Beeks Exchange Cloud derived from an identified demand from global exchanges for a secure multi-client private cloud environment and we are delighted to share that vision with the JSE and look forward to establishing a long-term and successful relationship”. Gordon McArthur, CEO at Beeks Group. 

“This is a major development for IPC and the South African marketplace. The customer reception so far has been tremendous. By leveraging our solution, JSE’s clients can reduce time to market, decrease capital expenditure and ease their dependency on working with multiple vendors. As a continent experiencing rapid transformation and one of the fastest expanding economic regions globally, the role of Africa’s capital markets for economic development has never been more critical. IPC is excited to facilitate that potential with JSE and we look forward to sharing our expertise within the 40+ economies of the region”. Matt Pilkington, Business Development Manager at IPC Systems. 

The innovative service empowers the exchange to directly mitigate the often-costly challenges faced by clients, such as monitoring, hosting, maintenance, and time to market concerns. Taking advantage of the benefits of a managed service provider and the infrastructure-as-a-service model, JSE can now offer additional capabilities and further choice to their client base.

London, 19 June – ZERO13, a GMEX Group initiative providing a digital climate fintech aggregation ecosystem, and Zumo, the B2B digital assets infrastructure, announce a collaborative solution targeted at banks and their corporate and institutional clients who are looking to account for the carbon footprint of their digital assets and any aspect of their value chain.

The integrated solution will seek to enable Zumo to leverage GMEX ZERO13’s hub connectivity to digital carbon registries, trade execution venue capability and its decentralised asset settlement network to source validated, high-quality, tokenised carbon credits. The solution will also provide customers with a flexible and transparent way to account for their carbon footprint through the procurement and custody of tokenised carbon credits, with ease of trading, clearing and settlement.

Zumo’s established position as an FCA-registered UK entity will enable GMEX ZERO13 to harness Zumo’s capabilities to onboard new banks, corporates and other institutions to its trading platform. This will support clients in their efforts to execute ESG Strategies with the help of blockchain technology.

Hirander Misra, CEO of GMEX Group and ZERO13, commented, “We are delighted to be able to unite the twin pillars of tokenisation and voluntary carbon markets with Zumo. Tokenised assets will represent some 10% of global GDP by 2030, while the global market for voluntary carbon credits is also forecast to increase exponentially in the coming decade. By leveraging the integrated tools from Zumo and distribution capabilities available through the ZERO13 platform, we can together deliver a transparent and trusted way for organisations to effectively trade, clear and settle their carbon credit purchases in a manner publicly verifiable by stakeholders.”

Nick Jones, CEO of Zumo added: “This collaboration supports our ambition to be the one-stop shop for tokenised ESG assets and follows the recent launch of Oxygen, our B2B solution that quantifies electricity-based Scope 3 emissions associated with digital asset holdings with blockchain-verified Renewable Energy Certificates. Blockchain is emerging as a ‘digital enabler’ in tackling climate change and supporting the energy transition to a more sustainable infrastructure. Tokenising carbon credits and being able to accurately measure carbon footprint is a great example of the regenerative finance (ReFi) movement.”

Key to the collaboration will be enabling Zumo’s customers to operate their own and/or access trading platforms and associated liquidity pools for high-quality carbon credit assets and other instruments, and to provide end-to-end efficiency through the transaction lifecycle from onboarding (KYC/AML) to settlement.  Through the GMEX ZERO13 Hub and ZERO13 Chain (Pyctor), banks and their customers can connect seamlessly with each other and with third-party registries, exchanges, and other counterparties to issue, trade, clear and settle tokenised carbon credits.