PR for Financial Services

Be in the news for the right reasons with our specialist PR services.

At The Realization Group, we are a financial services PR agency. We can help you secure coverage in key publications, step in to support during a crisis, or create digital PR opportunities to boost your SEO. Whilst our team is based in London, we love to lend a helping hand to clients all across the globe.

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Our PR for financial services will help you...

Increase your brand’s credibility

Drive short and long term lead generation

Increase your Google ranking

Boost your website traffic

Maintain public confidence in your brand

Rebuild your reputation

We’ve secured coverage in some pretty incredible publications

Stay one step ahead of your competitors with our specialist knowledge of financial and capital market trends.  

Our team lives and breathes financial services and capital markets. Seriously, that’s all we do. So you won’t have to spend your precious time educating us on your industry – we just hit the ground running. Our role is to position you as an industry leader. So we keep you up to date with all the latest financial news and trends – helping you to get ahead of your competitors.

Keep your company out of the news in a crisis. Let our team quickly step in to manage your reputation. 

Has a team member had a blunder on social media? Or the press got hold of a reputationally damaging story? Our team is well-versed in handling all types of crises, from scandals and harassment cases to tax evasion and corruption. We’ll track the news story 24/7, deal with legal teams and create a rock-solid plan for how you ride through the storm. As specialists in PR for financial services, we also provide media training to your allocated spokesperson, so they can confidently speak on the matter at hand. 

Always be the first to comment. Our responsive team will keep you up to date with all the latest opportunities. 

Don’t want to be left behind? Our team always has their finger on the pulse with the latest trends in the financial services industry. And as we like to know your business inside out, we’ll recognise which opportunities are a perfect fit for your brand. We’ll support you with writing press releases, and we’ll use our excellent journalist relationships to get you the media attention your story deserves.

What to expect from our PR for financial services

30+ years’ experience in financial services

A friendly and responsive team

Excellent national and financial publication relationships.

Let’s break down how PR for financial services can help you…

We create and distribute your press releases.

We’ll use our extensive financial media relationships to generate coverage in target publications.

We develop your media relationships.

We work to raise your profile so that journalists will start to approach you for quotes and features.

We identify online and offline opportunities.

Our experience and network allow us to find opportunities to keep you in the public eye.

We improve your communications skills with media training.

We facilitate comprehensive media training so you’ll be relaxed and confident in any media situation, from a phone call to a live segment on television.

We deliver networking and events.

We can support with events to build new relationships with journalists and industry figures.

We mitigate reputational damage.

Our PR for financial services help turn potentially negative situations into positive news stories.

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