PPC for Financial Services

We help the financial and capital markets generate leads with our highly targeted PPC campaigns.

Based in London and servicing the UK and internationally, The Realization Group provides PPC for financial services, including investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds and FinTech businesses. So we know our stuff when it comes to financial marketing.  

But what’s pay-per-click (PPC)? PPC is a form of online marketing where an advertiser (that’s you) pays a fee every time a user clicks on your advert. How often your advert is shown depends on your budget, choice of keywords, and your ad’s quality score. It’s one of the more complex marketing channels, and so PPC requires an experienced team. Good thing we’ve got one for you! 

What’s in it for you?

Achieve instant traffic

No waiting around for your website to creep up the search results. PPC gets you instant traffic. Fast.

Increase brand awareness

Build the recognition your brand deserves by increasing your reach.

Be more targeted

Get the right eyes on your company. Be ultra-targeted with who sees your ads.

Drive traffic to your website. Fast.

For financial services companies that are struggling with low organic traffic, PPC is an absolute gamechanger. No more playing the long game – PPC will instantly boost traffic to your website. And that’s not all. Pay-per-click also improves your SEO strategy by highlighting valuable keywords to target. Winner winner chicken dinner. 

We won’t drain your budget. Our PPC experts will run campaigns that achieve the right clicks for your business.

Worried about your ad spend disappearing in front of your eyes? Or your campaign racking up the clicks, but no one is converting? We get it. It’s no secret that placing ads can be expensive. That’s why our dream team will understand all the ins and outs of your campaign goals – so you can always feel confident that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.  

You had me at hello PPC    


You just focus on your day job, whilst we do all the hard work.

At The Realization Group, we make the process easy for you by handling everything in-house. We’ll write your ad copy, help you pick the right keywords, set up the campaign, create your landing pages and activate your campaign. And we don’t just stop there. Once live, our team will continually optimise your ads, tweaking and refining them to make sure you’re achieving maximum ROI. So you can just sit back and watch your leads come rolling in. 

Not sure PPC is for you? Check out the other ways we can help you grow.

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We talk your language.

Even though we live and breathe pay-per-click at The Realization Group, we know it might feel like a foreign language to many businesses. So we won’t baffle you with a load of acronyms disguised as a report. Each month, you’ll receive the results that are relevant for your business, packaged up in an easy to read jargon-free format. 

What our clients say

“The Realization Group has been instrumental in helping us to drive, not only more traffic to our website, but relevant website visitors who are actively searching for the services we offer. We’re now able to compete with bigger players in our market and we’re already seeing an uptick in new enquiries. We’re excited to see where this takes us.”

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Our PPC experts know how to squeeze every drop of value from your adverts and your budget. 

We’re a hands-on PPC agency that understands multiple platforms, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each platform has a different consumer profile, context, and type of content. Understanding these nuances helps us to deliver effective PPC strategies for our clients time after time.

30+ years’ experience in financial services

Always delivering measurable results

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