Navigating strict privacy regulations in a MiFID II world

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Recent regulations have obliged financial services companies to provide greater visibility into their operations. The European Union’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) and its UK sibling, the Markets Abuse Regulation (MAR), has encouraged the surveillance of all trading-related communications, both spoken and electronic (eComms), between employees, their clients and third parties.

Taming the Mobile Beast: How can mobile devices and trading floors work together under MiFID II?

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The use of mobile devices in a trading environment has been a contentious issue for as long as mobile phones have been in mainstream use. As early as 2004, The Times was reporting on the growing number of financial firms who had banned traders in London using their mobiles at their trading desks, as concerns […]

The crypto challenge: Boosting institutional trading in a fast-evolving market

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It’s been dubbed the “Next Big Thing” of finance. It’s been compared to options trading in the 1980s. It’s been described as an innovation with revolutionary implications for the marketplace. Perhaps less favourably, it has been called a kind of Wild West of the capital markets, where opportunities and dangers abound in equal measure. It […]

Alpha profiling, strategy toolkits, broker scorecards: The keys to best execution?

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Discussion around various emerging tools to help buy-side firms optimise their broker selection for best execution, such as algo wheels, broker scorecards and bracketing frameworks.

Making the market: Building prices in fixed income

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The Realization Group investigate the evolution of the fixed income market,which is going through a period of significant transition.

Video: The Future of Trade Surveillance

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The third video in our series on trade surveillance processes and technologies. In this we take a look at what the future holds, in particular how artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioural modelling approaches can help predict and prevent manipulative or abuse market activity.

Video: Algorithm Testing under MiFID II

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Francesco Lo Conte, Managing Director of Esprow, discusses challenges that firms face around the testing of trading algorithms under MiFID II, and lays out some best practices in how to address those challenges.

Video: Building the Future of Finance with AI and Machine Learning

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The use of Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly widespread in the financial services industry. Whether it’s in the research and development of trading strategies, analysis and management of risk, or assisting with regulatory and compliance functions, there are a growing number of use cases for AI and machine learning. What are the implications of this […]

The future of trade surveillance – Separating the Spoof from the Truth

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Escalating regulatory obligations demand that financial market participants take a smarter, more proactive approach to spotting abusive trading patterns, with many looking to explore the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate monitoring and anticipate threats. In this article, Mike O’Hara and Chris Hall of The Realization Group hear from Certeco’s Nick Gordon, […]

Template for change – How corporate initiatives are empowering women smallholder farmers in Malawi

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Women smallholder farmers form the backbone of Malawi’s agricultural workforce, yet their average productivity per hectare still remains far lower than that of their male counterparts. In this article, Mike O’Hara and Nicola Tavendale of The Realization Group discuss with Hirander Misra of GMEX Group and FinComEco, Kristian Schach Møller of the Agricultural Commodity Exchange […]
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