Taming the Mobile Beast: How can mobile devices and trading floors work together under MiFID II?

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The use of mobile devices in a trading environment has been a contentious issue for as long as mobile phones have been in mainstream use. As early as 2004, The Times was reporting on the growing number of financial firms who had banned traders in London using their mobiles at their trading desks, as concerns […]

Accessing Asia Pacific Liquidity: Capitalising on Opportunities in a Rapidly Evolving Landscape

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In comparison to relatively stagnant rates of growth in the US and Europe, the dynamics of the Asia Pacific markets hold an obvious appeal. Financial institutions are increasingly keen to capitalise on these opportunities, while exchanges and trading venues are exploring practical ways they can increase and deepen levels of liquidity provision. What are the […]

What is the Future of Voice & Collaboration in Financial Services?

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Five experts examine the business benefits, and challenges, from voice integration and collaboration in financial services. Voice trading represents a sizeable part of business for many firms and as technology advances, they are looking to reduce costs and integrate voice activity with other operations. Regulation and compliance have been drivers, but they are only part […]