Regulation Technology: Enabling More Than Compliance

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One of the major outcomes created by the financial crisis has undoubtedly been the marked rise in regulatory scrutiny, coupled with an increase in regulators taking action against firms falling short of the required standards. For the banking industry, this has resulted in global regulatory fines of around $321 billion being imposed over the last […]

AI and Deep Learning in Risk and Investment Management

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Discussion into possible use cases for deep learning within financial services, particularly in risk and investment management, as well as the challenges that arise from an infrastructure and data storage perspective.

Smarter Operations: Why Middle Office needs to become the New Front Office

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In this article we look at the future of middle-office systems for banks and trading firms. Many of these companies are now relying on hodgepodge solutions, systems that essentially rest upon legacy technology and have been in need of modernisation for years. Meanwhile, as regulatory requirements have increased, demands on middle office systems have risen. […]

Risk and Regulatory reporting: Centralisation is not the answer

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Risk and regulatory reporting: how some of the major challenges that banks face around intensified post-crisis risk and regulatory reporting requirements.

What is the Future of Voice & Collaboration in Financial Services?

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Five experts examine the business benefits, and challenges, from voice integration and collaboration in financial services. Voice trading represents a sizeable part of business for many firms and as technology advances, they are looking to reduce costs and integrate voice activity with other operations. Regulation and compliance have been drivers, but they are only part […]

New initiatives in compliance technology

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The Realization Group asks a panel of experts to assess the new initiatives being adopted in the area of compliance technology, and investigates how firms can best pull together all the necessary data they need for trade reconstruction under the new regulatory regimes.

Cleared for launch: A new era for OTC derivatives

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The challenges - and alternatives - facing asset managers as they contemplate central clearing of OTC derivatives in Europe for the first time.

Addressing the challenges of Post-G20 Interest Rate Hedging

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A look at how the new Constant Maturity Swap future from GMEX aims to help firms continue to hedge their interest rate exposures cost effectively.

Are Financial Markets facing a Requirements Crisis?

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Are Financial Markets facing a requirements crisis? Does the answer lie in Behaviour-Driven Development?