Accessing Asia Pacific Liquidity: Capitalising on Opportunities in a Rapidly Evolving Landscape

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In comparison to relatively stagnant rates of growth in the US and Europe, the dynamics of the Asia Pacific markets hold an obvious appeal. Financial institutions are increasingly keen to capitalise on these opportunities, while exchanges and trading venues are exploring practical ways they can increase and deepen levels of liquidity provision. What are the […]

Changing landscapes: Electronic trading picks up the pace in commodity markets

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While electronic trading, technology and related infrastructures are now a well-established part of highly-liquid markets, the rate of adoption has been markedly slower in the commodities space. But the past year has seen a notable upturn in demand - find out about the drivers behind this change.

HPC strategies for financial services: The playing field widens

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HPC considerations now must form an essential component of any forward-thinking financial firm’s strategy, read this article to understand the options and the factors to consider.

Bridging the Gap: New Approaches to Creating a Culture of Innovation

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In this article we discuss what can be done differently by both financial institutions and FinTechs to put innovation back at the heart of the institution.

Beating repetitive strain: Value-added services in post-trade

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A discussion about the choices that the leaders in the post-trade industry are making in order to align themselves with a customer-centric post-trade landscape.

AI and Deep Learning in Risk and Investment Management

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Discussion into possible use cases for deep learning within financial services, particularly in risk and investment management, as well as the challenges that arise from an infrastructure and data storage perspective.

Video: Trading Infrastructure – The Trend Towards Outsourcing

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When it comes to technology solutions for trading infrastructure, the build versus buy debate is one that never seems to go away. In the past, it was fairly common practice for banks and electronic trading firms to want to build and to run everything themselves. But more recently, there seems to be a definite trend […]

Smarter Operations – Is Middle Office the New Front Office?

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Many middle-office systems at banks and brokers still rely on a mishmash of spreadsheets and legacy systems, some of which have been in need of modernisation for years. How can firms embrace technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs in this area?

Making the market: Building prices in fixed income

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The Realization Group investigate the evolution of the fixed income market,which is going through a period of significant transition.

Do Good to Do Better: How a focus on ESG can improve financial performance as well as the climate

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Corporates are realising that incorporating sustainability into their business model can improve profitability and increasingly attract clients and capital.
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