Traditional and Decentralised Finance: The Era of Convergence?

Today’s financial markets are undergoing a seismic shift in new technologies and processes. This both poses challenges and presents opportunities. It is not just a single technological shift, as experienced in recent history with the advent of the e-finance age. Unusually in this case, a range of ‘frontier’ technologies have evolved concurrently, driving immense change and heralding a new era in global finance.

Blockchains, distributed ledger technology and digital assets (including cryptographic tokens and cryptocurrencies) are key components of a revolution that is bringing together digital technology innovation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the ‘internet of things’ (IoT) and other technology-led trends, and all are contributing to fundamental changes in the way we invest, trade, transact and otherwise do business. The usual initial cynicism from traditional financial markets participants about disruptive technologies, and suspicion of their intent beyond scams and frauds, has given way to an increasing readiness to embrace these changes and the enormous opportunities that they present.

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Director at The Realization Group Helen Disney
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Managing Director at Ascendant Strategy James Maxfield
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Managing Director at Ascendant Strategy Alastair Rutherford
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Chairman and CEO at GMEX Group Hirander Misra
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Founder and CEO of Harrington Starr Toby Babb
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Global Head of Digital Assets Solutions at Fidelity International Luc Froehlich
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Founder at 3C Advisory Olaf Ransome