Restoring Trust in Digital Assets

Our new Financial Markets Insights report on what it takes to rebuild confidence with consumers, institutions and investors.

2022 proved tricky for the blockchain and digital assets industry as one destructive event after another rocked the markets. By December 2022, the cryptocurrency market cap was down 85%, and a new ‘crypto winter’ had set in.  And just as the dust began to settle, we saw the collapse of Silvergate, Silicon Valley Banks and Credit Suisse, further weakening the market and signifying tougher economic times ahead.

Despite these challenges, the view is not entirely bleak. New digital technology will continue to be developed, creating new possibilities for financial services.  In our latest Financial Markets Insights paper, Restoring Trust in Digital Assets,  we spoke to 14 such industry leaders at layer-1 blockchains, banks, custody providers, crypto exchanges, technology providers and industry associations on how to restore trust with institutions, investors and consumers.

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Lee Sneider
General Counsel at Ava Labs Lee Schneider
Sean Kiernan e1680622124642
CEO at Greengage Sean Kiernan
Rosario Ingargiola
Founder and CEO at Bosonic Rosario Ingargiola
Toby Babb Headshot 1
Founder and CEO at Harrington Starr Toby Babb
Teana BakerTaylor Y I e1680622258523
Vice President, Policy & Regulatory Strategy, UK/EU at Circle Teana Baker-Taylor
Matt Stover 400x400 1
President at MG Stover Matt Stover
Kam Patel Profile Pic e1680622419303
CEO at Custodiex Kam Patel
J McDonald headshot e1680622540818
CEO at PolySign Jack McDonald
JP Temp Profile Photo e1680622610878
Originating Member & Policy Lead at Digital Pound Foundation Jannah Patchay
Helen Disney
Director, Blockchain and Digital Assets at The Realization Group Helen Disney
Mick Burke
Director of Sales at Fireblocks Mick Burke
PolySign Matt Homer e1680622687818
Board Member at Standard Custody Matt Homer
Rebecca Park 013 scaled e1680622747252
Senior Practice Director at Global Counsel Rebecca Park
2022 02 25 HH14872 scaled
Co-Founder and CEO at Swarm Timo Lehes
P1 P2 Hirander Misra scaled e1680622842182
Founder and CEO at GMEX Group Hirander Misra