Capture, Correlate, Analyse: Deriving value from electronic communications data

In our latest Financial Markets Insights report, Dan Barnes and Mike O’Hara of The Realization Group explore the value that can be realised through the integration of electronic communications (eComms) data into the wider trading ecosystem.

By moving from tactical compliance to strategic investment, firms can not only satisfy the regulators, but also boost the analytical capabilities of the front office; delivering better execution, greater trading signal analysis and more efficient business intelligence.

In this report, Simon Hornibrook of Nomura; Paul Burleton of Lysis Financial; Paul North at BNY Mellon; Rachel Przybylski at Saxo Capital Markets UK; Tom Kennedy at Thomson Reuters; Harps Sidhu of KPMG; David Grinholz at Matrix-IFS; and Shiran Weitzman of Shield Financial Compliance discuss how to address the dual challenges of turning eComms data into real business insight, while also achieving cross-regulatory compliance.

Global Head of Client Lifecycle Management and Operations Innovation at Nomura Simon Hornibrook
Associate Director at Lysis Financial Paul Burleton
Head of Product Management EMEA at BNY Mellon Paul North
Head of Market Structure at Saxo Capital Markets UK Rachel Przybylski
Global Head of Analytics Services at Thomson Reuters Tom Kennedy
Partner and Head of Capital Markets Consulting and Head of FS Regulatory Change at KPMG Harps Sidhu
Capital Markets Practice Lead at Matrix-IFS David Grinholz
Co-Founder and CEO of Shield Financial Compliance Shiran Weitzman