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Financial Markets Insights

Financial Markets Insights brings together the best minds in the financial and capital markets industry to discuss all the latest trends and news, produced by The Realization Group.

The Realization Station

Realize your full marketing potential as we bring you the latest tips, trends and special guest insights, across the entire spectrum of marketing with a focus on the financial sector, produced by The Realization Group.

The Gage

The Gage is designed to bring expert opinions on the latest tech trends and provide a measured approach to discussing key developments in the world of blockchain and digital assets, produced by Greengage.


Poundcast discusses the prospects for implementing a digital pound and the impact of new forms of digital money more broadly, produced by The Digital Pound Foundation.

The Banker's Plumber - Lessons Learned

The Banker's Plumber brings experts from across the financial sector together to discuss questions like; What’s up in banking? What’s changing? What has gone wrong? What is going right?, produced by Olaf Ransome.

Crypto Rabbit Hole

The Crypto Rabbit Hole was created to promote youth financial literacy and to bring crypto education to the masses. The content includes interviews with thought leaders, academics, economists, hedge fund managers, leaders in government and more. Sponsored by The Realization Group.

Appetite for Disruption

Appetite for Disruption explores business and regulatory developments and technology trends, giving listeners new perspectives to take back to Main Street, the Hill, Wall Street, and the boardroom, produced by Troy Paredes and Lee Schneider.

Work in Fintech

Work in Fintech is essential listening for any student, young professional or curious person looking to secure a role in fintech, web3, banking or finance, produced by Matt Cheung.

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