Best Execution Review

MiFID II Best Execution Review

Alpha Profiling and Strategy Toolkits to Inform the Process

What are the keys to best execution?

Various tools are emerging to help buy-side firms optimize their broker selection for best execution. Examples include algo wheels, broker scorecards and bracketing frameworks that allow for effective monitoring of broker performance on an ongoing basis. What are the most effective use cases for alpha profiling and what challenges are associated with such an approach? 

The good news is that Trade Informatic and Eze Software have teamed up to launch an insights series in association with Plato Partnership. Together we will explore these questions and many more, including the impact of upcoming RTS-27 and 28 reporting requirements.

The keys to best execution?

Alpha profiling, strategy toolkits, broker scorecards:

Joel Clark and Mike O’Hara of The Realization Group discuss the most effective use cases for alpha profiling and the challenges that may be associated with such an approach. They talk to Dan Royal of Janus Henderson Investors, Allan Goldstein of Trade Informatics, Michael Broadbent from the Ergo Consultancy, Adam De Rose of Eze Software and Bips Global’s Mark Northwood.

Optimising Best Execution

Senior executives discuss strategies for achieving best execution under MiFID II


Nej D’jelal, Barclays Electronic Equities & Plato Partnership
Mark Northwood, Bips Global
Mark Freeman, Kepler Cheuvreux
Matthew McLoughlin, Liontrust
Adam De Rose, EZE Software
Matt Celebuski, Trade Informatics

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Optimising Best Execution with Alpha Preservation

In this video, Allan Goldstein describes how Trade Informatics addresses some of the key challenges around optimising best execution, particularly around the alpha preservation process

The new buy side toolkit

From broker and algo wheels to alpha profiling and scorecards, best execution is changing rapidly and traders are enthused by the opportunities ahead.


This is the second in a series of articles on the themes raised at the MiFID II Best Execution Review event in March 2018.

Three months on, MiFID II gets a mixed report

After three months, MiFID II still evokes mixed feelings and some components may need to be reviewed, but it has had some positive effects.


This is the first in a series of articles on the themes raised at the MiFID II Best Execution Review event in March 2018.

Blueprint for best execution

It is said that there is more than one way to skin a cat, and in this era of heightened transparency and intense drive to achieve best execution, investment firms should bear this in mind. This blog introduces tools to reduce subjectivity in the selection of brokers and strategies yield new efficiencies and improve performance among asset managers.


Round Table Event

20 March 2018     5.30pm     Saddlers Hall      Event open

Join Trade Informatics, Eze Software, Plato Partnership and other panelists as we discuss the use of alpha profiling and strategy toolkits to respond to the best execution requirements of MiFID II. We’ll also review the impact of upcoming RTS-27 and 28 reporting requirements. Nej D’jelal (Plato and Barclays Electronic Equities) will open the event with Market Efficiency and Innovation in the Interests of End Investors.

Event Agenda

 17:30 – Arrival and Refreshments

18:00 – Market Efficiency and Innovation in the Interests of End Investors 

Nej D’jelal
Managing Director, 
Head of Barclays Electronic Equities Product EME and Co-Chair Plato Partnership

18:15 – Panel Discussion Moderated by Nej D’jelal 

Adam De Rose, Director of Sales Engineering at EZE Software
Mark Northwood, Senior Advisor, EMEA at Trade Informatics
Mark Freeman, Head of Execution Sales at Kepler Cheuvreux
Matthew McLoughlin, Head of Trading at Liontrust

19:00 – Q & A 

19:30 – Networking Reception

Nej D’jelal

Managing Director, Head of Barclays Electronic Equities Product EME and Co-Chair Plato Partnership

Nej D’jelal is a Managing Director and Co-Head of the EME Electronic Equities business at Barclays Investment Bank. As head of EME Electronic Equities Product, Nej oversees product development and electronic trading. Nej is a client driven business leader who combines a skill-set of equity market structure expertise, computer science, and extensive experience of how to build and operate an electronic trading business. Nej serves as chair of the EME Equities Best Execution Committee and represents Barclays on the Securities Trading Committee of AFME and as co-chair of Plato Partnership, a not-for-profit company representing major asset managers and investment banks.

Mark Northwood

Senior Advisor, EMEA at Trade Informatics

Mark Northwood, of Bips Global, is working with Trade Informatics to improve performance at investment firms by combining qualitative and analytical methods into their execution and investment processes.

Previously Mark was at Fidelity International, where he ran equity trading for the group in Asia from 1999 until 2009, and then global equity trading from London until mid 2016. Prior to that he ran APAC trading at BT Funds Management in Sydney, and worked on the sell side in equity derivatives at Salomon Brothers in HK, Barings and Deutsche in Sydney, and Lehman in London.

Adam De Rose

Director of Sales Engineering at EZE Software

Adam De Rose joined Eze Software Group in December 2013 and now heads Sales Engineering efforts in EMEA. Previously, he was a Product Manager focusing on MiFID II and Best Execution, and in a prior role was responsible for selling Eze EMS to hedge funds and asset managers in Europe. Prior to Eze Software, Adam worked at TradingScreen on U.K. Hedge Fund EMS sales from 2012 to 2014.

In 2009, Adam was part of a team that launched Javelin Capital, a long-short equity hedge fund, where he was responsible for technology platform selection during launch and subsequently became head of trading. The launch team came from Goldman Sachs Asset Management, where Adam spent two years on the portfolio construction team attached to $8 billion of AUM in Emerging Markets and BRICs funds. 

Mark Freeman

Head of Execution Sales at Kepler Cheuvreux

Mark Freeman joined Kepler Cheuvreux in September 2008 to head sales of the electronic trading product to the firm’s priority research accounts, with particular focus on institutions in the UK, Holland and Scandinavia. His current role is Head of Execution Sales, covering all the firm’s European accounts. 

Mark has over 20 years’ experience in the electronic trading space.  He initially joined Instinet in 1990, where he was head of UK and European sales. He then spent 5 years at ITG Europe, covering European institutions and hedge funds and in addition, has worked for Portware and Nyfix.

Matthew McLoughlin

Head of Trading at Liontrust

Matthew McLoughlin is Head of Trading at Liontrust Asset Management.  He started his career at AIG Investments, where he spent three years as a Junior Fixed Income Fund Manager. 

He then spent just under six years as a Senior Trader at Hedge Fund RAB Capital before moving to Legal & General Investment Management, where he traded Global Equities and Derivatives before moving to Liontrust to run the Multi-Asset Trading Desk. 

Matthew is a Director of the Plato Partnership, a Member of The UK Investment Association’s Buyside Trading Committee and his desk was named Mid-Cap Trading Desk of the Year in 2017.