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Our Financial Markets Insights papers bring together the best minds in the financial and capital markets industry to deliver high-quality thought-leadership content.

We take a multi-participant approach; each insights report features 4 or 5 industry experts and C-level executives to discuss the latest developments and trends in financial markets.

This strategy allows us to position clients as experts in their field, facilitate introductions to new prospects, strengthen relationships with existing leads, and generate new leads.

We have produced more than 90 reports to date. Take a look at some of our Financial Markets Insights papers…


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Smarter operations, regulation, technology

Smarter Operations: Why Middle Office needs to become the New Front Office


In this article, Mike O’Hara and Adam Cox of The…

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Video: Naturally Intelligent – Deploying AI systems into a live environment


Mike O’Hara: Hello and welcome to Financial Markets Insights. Artificial Intelligence…

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Handling HPC to boost alpha image

Video: Powering Up – Handling HPC to boost Alpha and Risk Management


  Overview: The complexities surrounding the Banking, Finance and Insurance…

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Trade surveillance image

Video: The Future of Trade Surveillance


  Overview: In this third video in our series on…

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Are financial firms read for the data capture challenge

Video: Going with the flow: Are financial firms ready for the data capture challenge?


  Overview: As firms prepare for new regulation, capturing and…

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Video: Algorithm Testing under MiFID II


Overview: Francesco Lo Conte, Managing Director of Esprow, discusses challenges…

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Naturally intelligent: Embedding operational AI in financial services


How to make artificial intelligence work in a live environment…

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Powering Up: Handling high-performance computing to boost alpha and risk management


The complexities surrounding the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector today…

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Video: Building the Future of Finance with AI and Machine Learning


Overview: The use of Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly widespread…

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The future of trade surveillance – Separating the Spoof from the Truth


Escalating regulatory obligations demand that financial market participants take a…

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Template for change – How corporate initiatives are empowering women smallholder farmers in Malawi


Women smallholder farmers form the backbone of Malawi’s agricultural workforce,…

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Market surveillance

Video: Keeping a Watchful Eye – Best Practices in Maintaining Trade Surveillance


Overview: Following the introduction of Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) across…

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Future-proofing for FinTech with Network Innovation


In this article, Mike O’Hara and Adam Cox of The…

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risk and regulatory reporting image

Risk and Regulatory reporting: Centralisation is not the answer


In this article, Mike O’Hara, publisher of The Trading Mesh talks to Tony King of…

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Building the Future of Finance with AI and Machine Learning


In this article, Mike O’Hara, publisher of The Trading Mesh,…

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Keeping a watchful eye – Best practices for maintaining trade surveillance


Following the introduction of Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) across the…

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MiFID II creates cross-asset revolution across buy & sell side


The cross-asset nature of MiFID II will demand significant investment…

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