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Our Financial Markets Insights papers bring together the best minds in the financial and capital markets industry to deliver high-quality thought-leadership content.

We take a multi-participant approach; each insights report features 4 or 5 industry experts and C-level executives to discuss the latest developments and trends in financial markets.

This strategy allows us to position clients as experts in their field, facilitate introductions to new prospects, strengthen relationships with existing leads, and generate new leads.

We have produced more than 80 reports to date. Take a look at some of our Financial Markets Insights papers…

Taking the Leap into Asia and Cryptocurrencies: The Future for FX Trading?


As the world’s largest financial market, the ability to swiftly…

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Alpha profiling, strategy toolkits, broker scorecards: The keys to best execution?


Various tools are emerging to help buy-side firms optimise their…

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Software AG beating repetitive strain insights image

Beating repetitive strain: Value-added services in post-trade


New technologies and new business models, as well as regulatory…

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verne global - technology

AI and Deep Learning in Risk and Investment Management


Deep learning, or the ability of machines to learn using…

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McKay Brothers & Quincy-build-vs-buy image

Video: Trading Infrastructure – The Trend Towards Outsourcing


  Featuring: James Laming – Head of Infrastructure R&D, Options Bill…

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video - smarter operations

Smarter Operations – Is Middle Office the New Front Office?


  Overview: Many middle-office systems at banks and brokers still…

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Making the marlet: building prices in fixed income image

Making the market: Building prices in fixed income


The fixed income markets are going through a period of…

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do good to do better

Do Good to Do Better: How a focus on ESG can improve financial performance as well as the climate


Barbara Kingsolver’s novel ‘Flight Behaviour’ tells the story of monarch…

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verne global - technology

Technology and Business Strategy Innovation in Finance with AI and Deep Learning


Deep learning, or the ability of machines to learn tasks…

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DevOps journey puzzle

The DevOps Journey: Winning the battle of hearts and minds


In this article The Realization Group investigate the increasingly popular…

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responding to RegTech data management challenge

Raising the Bar: Responding to the RegTech data management challenge


Banks and brokers might feel they are being pushed and…

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Signs of buy and build

For trading infrastructure, the buy-build question increasingly favours buy


In this article, Mike O’Hara and Adam Cox of The…

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Smarter operations, regulation, technology

Smarter Operations: Why Middle Office needs to become the New Front Office


In this article, Mike O’Hara and Adam Cox of The…

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Video: Naturally Intelligent – Deploying AI systems into a live environment


Mike O’Hara: Hello and welcome to Financial Markets Insights. Artificial Intelligence…

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Handling HPC to boost alpha image

Video: Powering Up – Handling HPC to boost Alpha and Risk Management


  Overview: The complexities surrounding the Banking, Finance and Insurance…

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Trade surveillance image

Video: The Future of Trade Surveillance


  Overview: In this third video in our series on…

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Are financial firms read for the data capture challenge

Video: Going with the flow: Are financial firms ready for the data capture challenge?


  Overview: As firms prepare for new regulation, capturing and…

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