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Financial Market Insight Series

Recent research suggests that very few large enterprises within the capital markets space – whether investment firms, banks, custodians or others – have managed to embed a culture of innovation within their organisations. There are many reasons cited for this ongoing situation, but what is the real story?

This content series explores the benefits, challenges and strategies for successful innovation in the front, middle or back office.

Strategies for Successful Innovation Within Capital Markets

Within the Capital Markets sector, firms can gain significant advantages if they are able to successfully innovate, whether in the front, middle or back office. We explore why some firms are more successful at embracing innovation than others, what practical steps firms can take right now to embed innovative, how can firms innovate around a legacy technology stack and so much more.

Round Table Event

3 October 2018     5.30pm     Nomura International Plc     Event Open

Mike O’Hara from The Realization Group explores ‘Strategies for Successful Innovation Within Capital Markets’ with participation from James Maxfield & Ali Rutherford from Ascendant Strategy, George Andreadis & Kim Johannessen from TreoTrade and Simon Hornibrook from Nomura.

FinTech innovation and the power of keeping it simple

The firms which have successfully implemented a culture of innovation are those that took a measured, pragmatic approach to change.

Transforming the Back Office – Delivering Value Through Capital Markets Transformation

An over-riding focus for the last decade for capital markets organisations has been a relentless appetite for efficiency. As the shape of the industry has changed, so have business models as rationalisation and regionalisation have been adopted as levers to drive sustainable returns.

Bridging the Gap: New Approaches to Creating a Culture of Innovation

In the last four years, investment banks have been significantly underspending on innovation. At the same time, demand for cutting-edge technologies and agile systems has never been greater, with financial organisations increasingly recognising the need for innovation to become an ingrained part of their corporate culture. What can be done differently by both financial institutions and FinTechs to put innovation back at the heart of the industry?

Round Table Event

24 May 2018     5.30pm     London     Event closed

Mike O’Hara from The Realization Group explored ‘Bridging the Gap: New Approaches to Creating a Culture of Innovation’ with participation from Johanna Pugh from Finastra, Kate Simmons from Lloyds Banking Group, Kim Johannessen from TreoTrade, Simon Hornibrook from Nomura and Victoria Hernandez from Rising Tide Europe