7 habits of highly effective financial technology leaders

Over the past year, the advent of the global pandemic has challenged us all to demonstrate our resilience, to call upon our unique strengths and to show leadership as we struggle to face up to the enormous upheaval in our personal and professional lives brought about by Covid-19. Entrepreneurs and innovators have been no exception to the rule but arguably these individuals have been better equipped to adapt to change due to the inherent nature of what they do. In this webinar, we examine some of the common characteristics of financial technology leaders who have thrived through the pandemic, setting their teams up for lasting success in the new era.

18 August 2021, 15:00 BST


LIVE Briefing: ESG Data Management – A Strategic Imperative


ESG investing is one of the hottest trends impacting financial markets and innovation is moving at a rapid pace but the market infrastructure is under developed and ESG data is facing scrutiny both from investors and regulators. As investor demand for more ESG clarity grows, what should data professionals be doing to embed data driven processes to improve transparency and present the data in an organised way for investors? This breakfast briefing will explore challenges around assembling and evaluating ESG data for reporting and the impact of regulatory measures and industry collaboration on transparency and standardisation efforts.

14 September 2021, 08:00 BST


Data Management Summit USA Virtual

Virtual Summit

The two-day Data Management Summit will explore how data strategy is evolving to drive business outcomes, support agility and speed to market in changing times. The challenges of managing ever increasing data volumes, unstructured, alternative and completely new data sets like ESG, plus the mainstream adoption of cloud, AI and ML technologies, require new approaches, capabilities and tools for data management. Hear from leading data practitioners and innovators who will share insights into how they are pushing the boundaries with data to deliver value with flexible but resilient data driven strategies.

29 September 2021, 09:00 EDT


RegTech Summit London

RegTech Summit London will explore the current regulatory environment and the extent to which the pandemic has acted as a catalyst for RegTech adoption in financial markets. With more opportunities than ever before for RegTech to add value, now is the time to invest for the future. Hear from leading Regtech practitioners and innovators at this event who will share insights into how RegTech is enabling innovations in areas such as: managing regulatory change, regulatory reporting, AML, financial crime, transaction monitoring, trade and communications surveillance.

7 October 2021, 09:00 BST


Nordic Trading Briefing 2021

Virtual Summit

Returning for the 11th year, the FIX Trading Community™ Nordic Trading Briefing 2021 will cover the most pressing issues facing the institutional trading community and provide a neutral platform for buy-side, sell-side, exchanges, vendors and regulators to share their ideas on how the community can continue to collaborate. Designed to appeal to all asset classes, the agenda will maintain a great balance of topics across multiple asset classes. This conference will provide thought-provoking, forward focused insights through a concurrent two stream agenda.

18 November 2021, 09:00 CET