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Evolution of Electronic Currency Trading

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Financial Market Insight Series

The global currency markets are today at something of a turning point. Two trends in particular have emerged recently that could result in significant changes in how, where and why currencies are traded. The first is a growing shift in FX liquidity towards Asia and the second – and potentially much more disruptive – is the rapid emergence of cryptocurrencies.

What do these and other trends mean for the banks, brokers and investment firms? How can firms that provide access to these markets ensure their infrastructure is agile enough to respond to these trends? What does the future hold?

The good news is that we have launched an insights series sponsored by BSO that will explore these questions and many more.

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Taking the Leap into Asia and Cryptocurrencies: The Future for FX Trading?

As the world’s largest financial market, the ability to swiftly identify and capitalize on key trends in foreign exchange is crucial. Two recent trends are the increase in market share for Asia’s three key FX trading hubs – Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore – and the explosion in the nascent world of cryptocurrency trading, which has exceeded most expectations and even started to make the cross-over into the world of institutional FX trading. We explore the main drivers behind these trends, and how firms can make sure they are in the best position to take advantage of the opportunities they present.

Panel Discussion

3 May 2018     5.30pm     London Stock Exchange      Event closed

Hosted at the London Stock Exchange, Mike O’Hara from The Realization Group explored the Evolution of Electronic Currency Trading with Michael Ourabah of BSO, Tom Higgins of Gold-I, Ramy Soliman of Stater Global Markets, Jon Vollemaere of R5FX, Stephane Malrait of ING and Eddie Tofpik of ADM Investor Services International Ltd.

Agility and Ability: Seizing new opportunities in FX

Today’s FX market is almost entirely unrecognisable from the industry it was a mere four or five years ago. In a very short space of time, we have seen the dominance of tier-one banks effectively challenged by the rise of leading electronic FX network providers such as EBS BrokerTec, Thomson Reuters or FastMatch.

Can Market Makers Catch the Crypto Bus?

For the global trading community, trying to make a quick buck from currency markets over the past few years has been the equivalent of waiting for a London bus. But as the old saying goes, one can wait an eternity for one, and then two suddenly come at once.