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Digital Excellence in Financial Markets

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Financial Market Insight Series

Digital Transformation is a journey. Digital Excellence is the destination.

In this new world of ever growing data, increased computing power and always-on connectivity, user expectations have dramatically shifted. Do you want to know how to operationalise predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in a differentiated way?

The good news is that we have launched an insights series sponsored by Software AG that will explore these questions and many more.
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Innovation in Post Trade

The post-trade landscape is currently going through a period of significant change driven by new regulation, technology and business models. As this multi-asset and cross-venue/cross-region clearing landscape evolves, and as functions such as margining move towards real-time, we explore the implications, the technologies and what the future holds for investment firms, banks, brokers, clearing houses, exchanges and other firms in the financial markets ecosystem.

Round Table Event

1 February 2018     5.30pm     London Capital Club     Event closed

Mike O’Hara from The Realization Group explored ‘Innovation in Post Trade’ with participation from Paul Fermor, Solutions Director at Software AG, Rob Scott, Head of Custody and Clearing at Commerzbank, Phil Simons, Head of Sales and Relationship Management at Eurex Clearing and Pam Jones, Operational Change Manager at TP ICAP.

Smarter Operations

Why Middle Office Needs to Become the New Front Office

Middle-office systems in banking have generally been built up over time to become systemic and mission-critical. As such, they tend to rely heavily on legacy middle-office technologies, that often lack the required performance. Banks have traditionally thrown more horsepower at the problem, but this approach is not sustainable. How can banks use modern technologies to take a more strategic and forward-thinking approach to middle-office infrastructure?

To boost your bottom line, the key is to start in the middle

Banks and other financial trading firms are under constant pressure to improve their bottom lines. The pressure often is felt most acutely in terms of a focus on operational efficiencies, which only stands to reason as technological progress offers firms the scope to do more with less. But where should those efficiencies come from and how should firms approach the matter?

Round Table Event

14 September 2017     5.30pm     London Capital Club     Event closed

Mike O’Hara from The Realization Group discussed ‘Smarter Operations: Why Middle Office needs to become the new Front Office’ with participation from: Julian Bennett, ETD Product Strategy Director at Nex Traiana, Chris Wells, Head of Middle Office at Nomura, Julie Carruthers, Head of Operations, Global Broking at TP ICAP and Simon Vincent, Head of Strategic Accounts – Financial Services UK&I at Software AG.

Naturally Intelligent

Embedding Operational AI in Financial Services

Whilst significant investment has gone into big data and now further into data scientist, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Predicative Analytics – the big question is how much of this is actually improving your revenue and profitability? Would it help to understand how to take these new innovations to market quicker and make a real impact, even on 2017 revenues? Could you benefit from using these approaches to improve profitability in the front office?

Putting Artificial Intelligence to Profitable Use

It’s crunch time for the Big Data crunchers. Having lavished millions of dollars on data scientists to search for patterns in a deluge of digital information, banks and financial institutions need to start doing something to make that newfound intel pay.

Round Table Event

7 June 2017     5.30pm     London Capital Club     Event Closed

Mike O’Hara from The Realization Group discussed Embedding Operational AI in Financial Services with participation from: Jonty Field, Head of EMEA at Quantitative Brokers, Rael Cline, CEO and Co-founder at MediaGamma and Charles Platt, Head of Financial Services at SoftwareAG.