BSO and Stake Capital partner to deliver blockchain Staking-as-a-Service for institutional cryptocurrency investors

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Providing proof-of-stake delegation solutions

London, Paris, New York 12th February 2019: BSO, the award-winning Ethernet network, cloud and hosting provider, is partnering with Stake Capital, an emerging leader in the staking services market, to provide highly secure and available investor delegation services.

Using BSO’s global server infrastructure, Stake Capital is providing delegation services for the fastest-growing proof-of-stake networks. These blockchain networks offer a new opportunity for investors to use cryptocurrency capital and receive interest on investments, by allowing their tokens to be used to secure the network.

BSO is the first network provider to launch a crypto-friendly connectivity infrastructure, BSO Crypto Connect, for traders, exchanges, financial institutions, FinTech start-ups, and regulators looking to understand and engage with this rapidly changing and growing market.

Using the combined hardware expertise of BSO and Stake Capital, the staking servers are equipped with HSM support, enabling the highest possible level of security for Stake Capital’s validation servers. These hardware modules are connected directly to dedicated servers and enable signing of blockchain transactions completely offline, delivering the highest possible level of security for Stake Capital’s validation servers.   BSO is also equipping Stake Capital with high-performance, reliable, and secure direct private connectivity to Amazon Web Services (AWS) which delivers extremely low latency and avoids using the public internet. Stake Capital is leveraging the AWS global cloud platform to ensure maximum uptime, redundancy, and availability across all proof-of-stake networks.

Julien Bouteloup, CEO at Stake Capital commented, “Due to the sensitive nature of proof-of-stake validation services, security, and uptime are of the utmost importance to our investors.” Adding, “With 99.99% availability SLA’s, and strict environmental and security specifications, BSO is the ideal partner for enabling Stake Capital’s reliability assurances.”

Stake Capital provides a variety of delegation services for all of the top proof-of-stake protocols. Using the Stake Capital platform and its digital assets custodian services, institutional investors are able to quickly and securely manage their crypto investments and easily view insights and analytics on how their investments are performing through staking and lending.

Michael Ourabah, CEO at BSO commented, “Our global network delivers institutional quality and service to support the growing crypto currency investment community, connecting them quickly to the wider financial ecosystem.” Adding, “We are pleased to be supporting Stake Capital and look forward to working with them as they expand their client base.”

BSO’s global Crypto Connect network is built for the high-speed electronic trading community and enables crypto exchanges and solution providers to deliver institutional investors with the guaranteed latency they require for serious investment. The network is low-latency enabled as demand scales and is available in over 100 data centre locations comprising all the major trading venues in the global financial community. BSO is well positioned to support new entrants as they scale to institutional corporate structure or are growing and bringing in institutional investment.

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About BSO

BSO is the award-winning Ethernet network, cloud and hosting provider of choice for financial institutions and high-frequency trading firms that require superior infrastructure and connectivity to the world’s most liquid trading venues.

Experts in low-latency connectivity and colocation across emerging and established markets, over the past two years BSO has won two consecutive awards as the best low-latency high-performance network provider as voted for by members of the international finance community. The organisation continually innovates and invests in its services to empower the progressive trading community.

BSO’s global network reaches 23 countries with 103 data centre locations comprising all the major trading venues. Key connected cities include Chicago, New York, Frankfurt, London, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. BSO is redefining connectivity through best-in-class services, global knowledge base and a unique approach to customer experience.

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About Stake Capital

Stake Capital is a leader in the staking-as-a-service space, providing reliable and secure delegation services for the fastest growing proof-of-stake protocols. Investors with Stake Capital earn interest rates of 5 – 100% annually.

By providing capital through our infrastructure to these proof-of-stake protocols, investors are compensated for network-specific work, including lending and securing the network. In order to earn interest, investors must delegate to an internet-connected server. Stake Capital handles all aspects of the staking process using sophisticated software and military-grade infrastructure for investor peace of mind.

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