FinTech Influencers – Culture and Innovation

Thursday 24 May 2018 – London

Recent research suggests that very few large enterprises within the capital markets space – whether investment firms, banks, custodians or others – have managed to embed a culture of innovation within their organisations.

There are many reasons cited for this ongoing situation, but what is the real story?

Why do legacy technologies continue to prevail, despite the rapid growth in the Fintech sector and the proliferation of new technologies?

How much of the challenge is down to attitudes and behaviours within the banks, versus the ability of FinTech suppliers to connect and offer innovation in a way that is acceptable to the stakeholders within the target organisation?

Is a change of approach required from both sides?

What do banks and investment firms need to do differently so that they – and their customers – can benefit from real innovation?

What can FinTech suppliers do to overcome the challenges of delivering and deploying innovative solutions to the capital markets sector?

And for the firms that have successfully adopted a culture of innovation in their organisations, what approaches did they take and what were the results?

Hosted by Mike O’Hara of The Realization Group with panellists

* Johanna Pugh, Global Head Solution Consulting at Finastra
* Kate Simmons, Head of Innovation Culture and FinTech Collaboration at Lloyds Banking Group
* Kim Johannessen, Director at TreoTrade
* Simon Hornibrook, Global Head of Client Lifecycle Management and Operations Innovation at Nomura
* Victoria Hernandez, Investment Committee at Rising Tide Europe

we will discuss the challenges both buy-side and sell-side investment firms continue to face around embracing innovation, and investigate how those challenges can be overcome.

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