Collaborate to Innovate: FinTech collaboration for essential digital evolution in capital markets

Collaborate to Innovate

On 10 May 2018, The Realization Group, Seismic Foundry and Fintechecosystem held a discussion group with other industry practitioners to help shape the future of FinTech and capital markets collaboration and innovation.

New market entrants with disruptive technologies have had a radical transformational effect in retail banking. Capital markets firms face very different challenges, where the emphasis needs to be on collaboration rather than disruption. The question is, where to start and how to accelerate tangible results?

• How do investment banks and FinTechs create ecosystems that are collaborative rather than competitive, to create value for all parties?
• What needs to be done to develop standardised and streamlined solutions that are compliant and accredited?
• How do we best approach the “four guardians at the gate”:
– IT/Security
– Procurement
– Compliance/Risk
– Legal

• Is this the right time for the industry to take control of a common:
– API layer (a la FIX)
– Operating System (a la Linux)
– Service Level Agreements
– Operating Model for Evaluation and Procurement

• How can we drive innovation while investment banks become more efficient and customers receive a better service?


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