Taking the Leap into Asia and Cryptocurrencies: The Future for FX Trading?

On 3rd May, as part of our Financial Markets Insights programme, The Realization Group and BSO hosted a panel discussion on “Taking the leap into Asia and Crypto-currencies: The Future of FX Trading?”

The global currency markets are at a turning point. Two trends in particular have emerged that could result in significant changes in how, where and why currencies are traded. The first is a growing shift in FX liquidity towards Asia and the second, potentially much more disruptive, is the rapid emergence of crypto-currencies.

  • What do these and other trends mean for the banks, brokers and investment firms that currently operate in the FX markets?
  • How can firms that provide access to these markets ensure their infrastructure is agile enough to respond to these trends?
  • What does the future hold?

The discussion sought to answer these questions and more, facilitated by Mike O’Hara from The Realization Group, featuring:

  • Michael Ourabah, CEO at BSO
  • Tom Higgins, CEO at Gold-i
  • Ramy Soliman, CEO at Stater Global Markets
  • Jon Vollemaere, CEO at R5FX
  • Stephane Malrait, Global Head of eCommerce and Innovation for Financial Markets at ING
  • Eddie Tofpik, Head of Technical Analysis and Senior Markets Analyst at ADM Investor Services International Ltd


This event is part of our Financial Markets Insights – Evolution of Electronic Currency Trading

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