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Increase your market share? Introduce new products or services? Targeting Financial Services? We are uniquely positioned to give you an edge
Increase your market share?
new products
or services?
Targeting Financial Services?
We are uniquely positioned to give you an edge

Financial Markets Insights

The purpose of this series is to provide insights and industry developments, through in-depth conversations with C-level executives and key experts within the financial and capital markets. FOR MORE INTERVIEWS SEE INSIGHTS PAGE

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Identifying the challenges that businesses face today

Effective marketing is a set of interrelated functions. Just look at the world’s most successful companies, where all the elements are closely aligned. A company’s DNA is key and must encompass the management team, employees, customers, partners and suppliers alike, as part of their marketing circle. This marketing communications ecosystem must work seamlessly with other departments as a unified force, thus maximizing their effectiveness. 

As marketing integration specialists, we ensure every aspect of the company, from business goals and strategy, to brand development, advertising, public relations, online communications, sales collaterals, and employees, are speaking with one voice, to reinforce the brand’s key messages. 

Marketing Integration gives firms professional support across the whole marketing-led business development spectrum. It allows firms to concentrate on what they do best, namely finding and retaining customers, and building sustainable products and services revenue streams to satisfy stakeholder and shareholder objectives.

Latest news

  • The Turret is dead - Long live the Turret!

    With the industry ripe for disruption: businesses are looking to reduce costs across the board; traders need quality connectivity; regulators demand compliance; and technologists want the latest technology. enepath's CEO, Gavin Davis gives context to some of the changes transforming the voice trading market.

  • enepath launches new Eclipse voice trading product suite

    29 Sept 2016, London, Singapore. enepath, the Trader Voice & communications specialist, announces the launch of its EclipseTM product suite. A turret solution delivering cost efficiency without compromise.

  • Itarle announces collaboration with Celer Tech

    20 Sept 2016, London. itarle AG today announced the availability of their optimised execution algorithmic strategies through the multi asset OMS and EMS platform from Celer Technologies.

  • TMX enriches Information Processor performance with Vela’s managed market data platform

    20 Sept, 2016. Vela Trading Technologies announces that its fully managed low-latency market data platform is now live at TMX, Canada’s largest integrated multi-asset class exchange group. Vela’s managed services platform has enabled TMX to launch new services for the protected markets to comply with Canadian regulatory requirements.