Smart operations – Why Middle Office needs to become the New Front Office

Afterwork round table – this is the second in a series of discussions with Software AG on Digital Excellence in Banking and Financial Markets, and will explore more strategic and forward-thinking approaches to middle-office infrastructure....
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Round table discussion sponsored by SoftwareAG & The Realization Group

At a recent round table discussion sponsored by SoftwareAG, we explored exciting developments in AI and the practicalities of embedding operational AI in financial services. The discussion was based on the issues raised in the...
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Discussion: Software Testing in Financial Services – Is the price of success paid in advance?

Event date: 13 July 2017. Roundtable discussion. Location: London Capital Club. Certeco & The Realization Group are hosting the first in a series of round table discussions on ‘Testing and DevOps in Financial Services’. Exploring...
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Webinar: Trade Surveillance & data capture for MiFID II compliance

Event date: 27 June 2017. 10am ET / 3pm London / 4pm CET. Under MiFID II & MiFIR, any firm participating in electronic trading of financial instruments will need to conduct real-time monitoring of current...
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Forex flows to the East – Afterwork roundtable

Event date: 11 July 2017.  After work roundtable. Location: London Capital Club. Telstra, Equinix and The Realization Group, invite you to join an after work roundtable. FX trading has long been concentrated in the financial...
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