Smart operations – Why Middle Office needs to become the New Front Office

smarter operations, front office, back office

Afterwork round table – this is the second in a series of discussions with Software AG on Digital Excellence in Banking and Financial Markets, and will explore more strategic and forward-thinking approaches to middle-office infrastructure.

14 Sept 2017 at the London Capital Club

Mike O’Hara from The Realization Group will discuss ‘Why Middle Office needs to become the new Front Office’ with participation from:

• Julian Bennett, ETD Product Strategy Director at Nex/Traiana
• Chris Wells, Executive Director at Nomura
• Cathy Lyall, Co-Founder at Seismic Foundry
• Julie Carruthers, Head of Operations, Global Broking at TP ICAP
• Simon Vincent, Head of Strategic Accounts – Financial Services UK&I at Software AG

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